Hi, a am looking for an automatic petrol sedan. Have shortlisted the V

Hi, a am looking for an automatic petrol sedan. Have shortlisted the Vento TSI and City 2017 CVT.
Which is a better care overall?
Imp elements for me are (in order of priority) - Performance, safety, ride and handling, after sales, gizmos, mileage.
I have been reading a lot of issues with Vento recently - is that true? Is the recently updated vento better or is the 2017 City worth the wait?

Asked by Rahul Agarwal on 07-11-2016

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I can comment on the Vento part.

Volkswagen Vento Advantages
1. Turbo Charged Petrol Engine.
2. Higher torque. Wider torque range.
3. DSG gearbox. Simply the best.
4. Superb built quality.
5. Excellent safety and stability features.
6. Peppier drive.

Volkswagen Vento Disadvantages
1. Service issues. Most of the service centers have poor reputation.
2. Normal service costs around 11000 Rs per year.
3. High cost of spare parts. No other option than to take extended warranty and bumper to bumper zero depreciation insurance.
Answered by Arun Thomas on 07-11-2016

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