Lotus Evora 400: It's Newer Than It Appears!

It's quicker and much more sophisticated than the previous models

The name 'Evora' preserves the Lotus tradition of beginning names with the letter 'E'. The name is derived from words like Evolution, Vogue and Aura. The word 'Evora' sounds quite similar to a Portuguese city. Three years absconding and now back with a bang debuting in the Geneva Motor Show 2015, earning some serious spectators. Lighter, faster and more efficient than the model it has replaced. The Lotus Evora 400 is scheduled to hit sales by August. Christened with a new name, it's still from the Evora series. At the front there's much bigger grilles designed into the nose, not just to give the car a more thrusting appearance, but also to intake more air into the redesigned inter-cooling system. A new rear bumper now incorporates a five-element diffuser and a larger central exhaust, with a new triple-tail rear wing. An updated version of the current 3.5 litre super-charged V6 engine and a start-stop featuring for the first time in a Lotus vehicle.

Excluding weight from the car was believed to be a task for the engineers and designers, but they've succeeded with that and have decreased the weight of the car to some extend. If the driver of the 400 gets an opportunity to comment about the driving experience in the car, the first thing he/she would state is that it has a bark at the start-up of the car, which was not present in the old model. Drive on, and you'll notice how much slicker, the new gear change mechanism is, it feels much meatier. Also re-engineered is the ESP(Electronic Stability Program) system, this now features different modes drive, sport, race and off. In drive mode the exhaust system remains sleepy, unless your in the mood to pin the accelerator down and create the revving atmosphere, the sport mode the exhaust has woken up and sounds magnificent far sooner, while at race it become louder than the past even at idle it behaves the same.

Lotus Evora 400 Front

The Evora stays still in a straight 0-100km and would get clocked at 4.1 seconds with a top speed of 300km. It's for sure a junior sports car. It's still the manual transmission, with a shorter shift action than before, it's mechanically enjoyable. Don't get upset, there's also an auto option and it makes the gear shift absolutely smooth. Not only lateral grip, it's ability to cling on is spectacular. The redefined brakes are progressive and stout.

Lotus Evora 400 Interior

It's from the Toyota a 3.5 litre V6 engine, which Lotus later adds it's own supercharging, charge cooling, intakes, exhaust and management. The throttle pedal is an instant gate for a massive head force, all across the rev range. A new fat exhaust has an opening baffle for all your requirements. The steering was once described as one of the most vivid systems in the whole car-land, but now Lotus has matured and made it soothing for it's customers through the 400. Switches have been redone, the new arrangement of auxiliary and light switches is far more economic and better looking.

Lotus Evora 400 Engine

To buy this new edition of the Lotus family you'll need your checkbook and a £73,000 in your account, waiting to get transferred to the Lotus. Well if your that adamant on having a Lotus for yourself go ahead and for people who opt something else just pray that Lotus delivers a more mightier machine each time they come up with another model.

Lotus Evora 400 Rear
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