2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GT S: Raised On The Racetrack, Unleashed On The Street!!

The all new Mercedes AMG GT S is an achievement of intense passion and beauty for the senses.

Born on the racetrack with the help of engineers of AMG at Affalterbach, which is a municipality in the Ludwigsburg district in Southern Germany. Affalterbach is known for being the current location of Mercedes-AMG. The AMG GT S features an all new AMG 4.0 litre V8 bi-turbo engine and a 7 speed dual clutch transmission, delivering 0-100km at a time space of 3.7 seconds approximately. Low body weight and lightening power transfers mean cornerings into thrillingly sharp ones. The Mercedes Benz AMG GT S is setting new standards for precise, dynamic performance. It has everything you would expect from an authentic Mercedes Benz sports car, from the characteristic styling, thoroughly bred Motorsport technology to the optimum weight distribution. The drive system is tailored to consistently deliver driving dynamics perfectly, which complements this set-up. This two-seater is a comfortable and reliable companion for everyday motoring thanks to it's practical decklid, easily accessible luggage compartment and high level comfort on long journeys.

The set to release Benz AMG GT S, is a sports car in it's purest form. Breathtaking proportions, powerfully sculpted surfaces and flowing lines turn the new AMG into a contemporary sports car that embodies the spirit of the glorious Mercedes sports cars. The new Mercedes Benz AMG GT S embodies pure sportiness and emotion. The two seater is characterized by the hallmark rear wheel drive proportions. The V8 bi-turbo front mid-engine, ensures optimum weight distribution, which forms the basis for superb driving dynamics.

Mercedes Benz Amg Gt S 2016 Front

The long hood with it's pronounced power domes, the greenhouse which has been moved far back, the large wheels and broad tail end, make up the distinctive looks. Additionally, the large deck lid conceals a practical luggage compartment. Viewed from the side the dome shaped, arched roof line and the frame less doors are eye catching features. A muscular element sculpted out of the side wall creates a sense of lightness and movement, even if the vehicle is at standstill. The side air intake outlets, each with two fins, represent a modern touch on a classic feature of Mercedes sports cars.

Mercedes Benz Amg Gt S 2016 Top View

The new high performance engine springs to life at the push of a button. The 4.0 litre V8 bi-turbo engine was specifically developed for the GT. An innovative eight cylinder engine boasts outstanding power delivery, performance figures on the same with motor racing. Lightweight construction as well as high efficiency and environmental compatibility. It boasts the company's hallmark emotive V8 engine sound, along with an immediate response and high pulling power. The new AMG V8 engine stands out with it's precise power output, which is easily a match for a naturally aspirated engine. The linear power delivery makes it very easy to handle the vehicle even at it's limits. As part of this process, the sophisticated ECU(Engine Control Unit) even factors in the current driving condition and adjusts the accelerator response depending on the lateral forces generated.

Mercedes Benz Amg Gt S 2016 Interiror

Having two main brands being rumored to be rivaling with the AMG GT S, the Jaguar F-type R and the Porsche 911 would be the competitors. The vehicle is available in three variants, where the basic model is priced at £96,505 and the top model is £109,805. The GT S is also said to be a fuel efficient, practical everyday use vehicle, so if your planing on arriving at work in style this one would suit you.

Mercedes Benz Amg Gt S 2016 Side Fron Left
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