Used Car Buyers' Guide

Here is a guide, which can help you a lot in buying a used car:

Buying used car is not an easy deal. If you are not very keen, you can have the worst deal ever. If you are clever enough to do these steps given below, no one can cheat you with a piece of junk. There are so many things to be taken care of while buying a used car. For convenience sake, we have parted the guide in to three sessions. First, the procedure of buying a used car is explained. In the second session, things that you should remember before finalising the deal is explained. And finally, there are some questions, which you should ask to the owner/ dealer of that particular car.

Buy Used Car

Go through the article. It will be helpful for you one day!

A. Steps in buying a used car:

There are some steps that you can follow. Even if you are a total ignorant in the matter of cars, you can grab a good car at the best deal with the help of these steps. They are informative to that extent. Just go through the steps:

1. Why a “used”?

Before you start, make sure why you want a “used” car? There are brand new cars available at affordable EMI schemes. You should not regret after buying a second hand car. Make sure that you have gone through all the possibilities of buying a new car, like availing a car loan, borrowing from your friends etc. Even after that you are so sure that you need a second hand car, just go on!

Buy Used Car

In fact, buying a pre owned car will have certain advantages.

i) You can own a car in good condition at half price.
ii) You can have the pre owned car for the time being and can save your money for a brand new one later.
iii)You can drive tension free of making scratches.
iv)You will get to know about a car in detail, which will help you later, when you buy a new one.
v) You can use it for rough use without any worry.

Well, there are disadvantages also, lets save that for a later talk. So, once you have confirmed about buying a pre owned car, move to the second step.

2.Preparing budget:

this should be the next step. You should be very careful while preparing the budget for your car. Do not spend all your savings on it. Remember, it is a pre owned car. Not a brand new one. Also, do not be a miser. A car got at a cheap rate will cause you ore money later for its repair. Junks will be the cheapest. So, be careful and set the budget.

3.Research about cars:

The next step is to find out which car is the most suitable one for you. Analyse your need, expected usage of the car etc. The purpose of buying a car decides a lot of things. If you are planning to buy on for temporary usage, you need not buy an expensive one. Analyse whether you are going to use the car for loading/ unloading, off roading, high way driving, or for running as a taxi. All these needs require different types of cars.

Decide the car for you and then do a little bit of research on it. Ask your friends or simply Google it. You will get enough information.

4.Where to buy:

Buy Used Car

Online and offline markets are there to pick a used car from. Decide which mode will be easier for you. If you are an employee and who has no time to go to the physical market, we would suggest you to rely on the online market. Here in Carz4Sale, getting details of an old car is so simple.

You just have to check the “Buy Used Cars” session. If you did not find your required car there, you can post an ad. No registration fees or anything. It is 100% free of cost. You just have to fill in your name, contact details, details of your car and car's pictures. Interested sellers will contact you and the two of you can proceed the deal. There are no hidden charges for the service of the site.

5.Finding out the seller/ dealer:

Once you have registered online, or put an ad, keep looking for the suitable car to turn up. Once you get such an offer, try to get as much information regarding the dealer as possible. Not that everyone are not genuine, just make sure that it s a genuine dealer. Fix a place to met him with the car. Make sure it is a public place. If it is his home, inform him that you will be coming with a friend. Take your friend with you, or at the best chance, take your mechanic with you.

6.Test driving:

No genuine dealer/ seller will deny a chance to test drive the vehicle. Do not buy a vehicle without test driving it. However new the car might look, do not buy it if you have not test driven it. Go for test drive. Make sure you have license with you and the car has documents.


Even if you like the car and feel that it is perfect for you, do not hesitate to negotiate. A decent negotiation will not do you any harm. It can help you even. Make sure that you are not bluffing any cheaper amount. Just a fair deal, and make it in the most noble way.

8.Checking the papers/ documents:

Make sure that the owner has all the papers and documents ready. Go through the documents by yourself. If any paper is missing, make sure he hands it over at the time of registration. Do not hand over the money if some paper is missing.

9.Finalising the deal:

If the money is okay, the papers are ready and both the parties are satisfied, go on to the final stage. Fix the deal.

10. Cross checking documents:

Before handing the money over, cross check all the documents. The first owner will not be responsible if you find out later that some important documents are missing. So, there is no problem in double checking the documents.

Buy Used Car

B. Things to know before finalising the deal:

Before finalising the deal, there are some minor things you can do. Take some tips from us.

1. Check the car thoroughly:

Don't be ashamed. You are gonna buy it. It is your money. Make sure the car is worth it.

2.Do not be hasty:

Take your own time to examine the car and to decide whether to buy it or not. You can tell the dealer/ seller that you need to think over it and will get back to them within two days. That will be fine with a genuine seller/ dealer.

3.Negotiate on repairs:

If the car has any repairs/ maintenance other than what the dealer said in the advertisement, you can negotiate on it.

4.Car's History:

Try to get as much information about the car as possible. Whether it had faced some accidents, some engine troubles, and also make sure you have all the details of the previous owner(s).

5.Learn about the legal procedures:

Before you finalise the deal, learn the legal procedures of handing over a used car.

6.Glitters are not gold:

Buy Used Car

Do not get carried away by the looks of the car. The car might look new. But the owner might have cleaned it just before your arrival. So, go for a detailed examination of the car.

7.Learn to deny:

If the deal is not okay for you, walk away like a gentle man. No need to accept any deals that are out of your budget. If what you quote is a reasonable price, the dealer/seller might contact you later. It is a marketing technique to ask for more money. Do not fall for it.

C. Things to ask before buying a used car:

You know, you have every right to ask questions about the car to its owner. Do not hesitate to ask if there is anything that is not clear. Some questions you might miss are given below.

Buy Used Car

1. The reason for selling:

Do not forget to ask the owner his reason for selling the car. If it is due to some disadvantages of the car, learn that.

2.Is it really “used”?:

Ask him whether he had over used the car. Check the kilo meters it has travelled.

3. How do you judge your car?:

An honest and genuine seller would answer the question with real advantage and disadvantages of the car.

Buy Used Car

4. Pre Pre owned?:

Make sure whether the owner bought the car as a brand new one or is it a third hand sale.

5. Will you allow my mechanic to have a look at it?

A genuine seller will allow it. If he denies adamantly, that clearly shows that there are some things that he is trying to hide.

These are some tips we can give you. This will be a great help while planning for buying a pre owned car. Hope it was informative enough.

Make use of it.

Good Luck!
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