2016 Ferrari 488 Spider: The Italian Beauty

Yet another edition of the 488 series, the Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari, reveals the 488 Spider in 2015.

Ferrari released images of the 488 Spider in July 2015 and from that day onwards speculations have become aggressive and now people have the new beauty of the Ferrari to drool over. It is powered by the same 3.9 litre twin turbocharged V8 engine which gave life to the 488 GTB. The Ferrari, is only 50Kg heavier than the coupe and 10Kg lighter than the 458 Spider. Sprinting from 0-100Km it is clocked at 3.0 seconds and 0-200Km at 8.7 seconds, which is quite long, top-speed is reduced slightly to 327Km. It's an open version of the 488 GTB, which grants access to the symphony of that exhaust note.

The open top V8 super-car has been revealed only a few months after the GTB was introduced, there hasn't been much time taken. Many have got confused, thinking if the only difference between the GTB and the Spider was on the roof and nothing else. The body of the 488 has been designed to increase downforce by 50% over the 458 while reducing aerodynamic drag. An aerodynamic drag is the fluid drag force that acts on any moving solid body in the direction of the fluid free stream flow. Coming back to the design of the body, the front double splitter increases radiator cooling while a blown spoiler integrated into the rear decklid and bumper increases downforce without a raised wing. The central Aero Pillar, deflects air under the flat body of the car. While the two vents in the bonnet provide an exit for air from dual intakes located in the front of the vehicle, further reducing air pressure over the front of the car.

Ferrari 488 Spider 2016 Front Left

Under body vortex generators work to reduce air pressure beneath the car thereby increasing overall downforce. A larger rear diffuser works to increase the velocity of air exiting the under body to further lower air pressure, in conjunction with active aerodynamic variable flaps that reduce drag and increases downforce as controlled by a microprocessor. Increased size of the diffuser over the previous 458 requires the twin exhausts of the 488 to be positioned higher in the rear bumper for clearance. The scalloped side air intakes are an homage founded on the 308 GTB and are divided by a central partition. Air entering the top intake is partially directed into the turbo charger compressor intake, while the rest directed to the rear of the vehicle and exits alongside the rear lights, increasing air pressure behind the car in order to reduce aerodynamic drag. Airflow entering the lower intake is directed towards the inter-coolers in order to cool the intake charge.

Ferrari 488 Spider 2016 Front

As for the 488 Spider, the manufacturer has fitted an electric glass, rear wind stop, which can adapt to three different positions. Even when the roof is in place, the glass section can be lowered, so that the driver can get full exposure to the dynamic sound of the V8. As well as being claimed as Ferrari's fastest ever spider, the 488 Spider is claimed to be the most aerodynamically efficient drop-top from the Italian brand. This is due to aerodynamic features that have been carried out from the 488 GTB. To make the vehicle more engaging, Ferrari has tweaked the electronic aids. The second generation SSC(Slide Slip Angle Control System) now allows the driver freedom with throttle inputs, with less intrusive traction control. Ferrari claims the result is 12% faster acceleration out of corners than in the 458 Spider, also with 9% improvements in steering and throttle responses.

Ferrari 488 Spider 2016 Rear

Not much details have been revealed, but shortly after the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, more information is expected to be revealed. Prices should be a little more hiked up than the 458 Spider, as performance wise the 488 Spider stands out. Before the car hitting the market, a rumored rival is around the corners, it's the McLaren 650S. Well, not a bad competitor. It's sprint from 0-100Km is clocked a bit faster. So is the wait for the 488 Spider worth? Let's wait and see.

Ferrari 488 Spider 2016 Interior
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