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Why is it important to drive a car with good ergonomics? What is ergonomics you ask? In simple words: this is a science all about designing the aspects of workplace and coming up with an environment for such workplace. Generally speaking, all the work station, the equipments and the rest of the items are processed to make sure they are operated safely, and the probability of risks is eliminated.

The general rule of thumb is to consider the ergonomics rules, which are useful for car driving. Ignoring these rules can cause issues, ranging from nagging pain in the back, shoulder, neck to severities such as poor blood circulation in the legs and the buttocks. Also, if you are seated uncomfortable, pain related issues can sprung up in your spine.

So, what are the measures you need to be aware of to drive your car comfortably? It can't be stressed more but proper driving ergonomics could help.

Firstly, you should make sure that you seat comfortably and are not fatigued soon. Check for working of the seat suspensions as they should be. As you know, vibration can be dangerous and health issues can pop out of no where. So if you are on your way to start out for a long journey then it is appropriate to load in an extra padding on your seat.

And to seat with good posture in your car: Mind your posture to seat comfortably. For that if need be adjust the car steering wheel. Also, stretch your back a bit and try to operate the pedals with your feet. If you are comfortable then you are good to go on the drive. However, if for some unexpected reason this seems impossible then cram in any material for added support. These might cost you a couple of bucks yet worth the money.

Not to forget that you adjust the view mirrors. Have the side and the rear view mirrors adjusted to your seating and vision. When you start couching the mirrors will be the first ones to signal you of the same

Have the steering adjusted. You should be able to move your car while being comfortably seated. For this, adjust your seat every time you are on the move. With this the vibrations would be slightly off, giving you a good balance over the car. Also, as a side note, remember to adjust your mirrors.

So, when you are out for buying a car make sure that the seating arrangements are in good and are of ergonomically parts. Check that they are properly operating and ask them for a demo just to make sure that you are able to reach the pedals, and find the seats comfortable enough. Look out for seats that provide easy access and steering for control over the car, and also give it a good all-round over view, or a test drive which is going to help you decide if the car is for you or not.

Drive the steering wheels in a way so that you can adjust them accordingly, without having to get out of your comfort zone. Consider using an automatic gearbox (optional) if at all you believe your wrists are not strong enough to take the curves from your car.

For those of you who'd love to texting or talking on the cell phones while behind the steer wheel make sure you have the hands free kit installed. Usually these kits help you to have the hands-free connection with your phone. Also, thanks to the blue tooth technology, you can use microphone and talk without having to lose your focus to grab your cell phone while driving.

Last but not the least, examine the boot of the car and make sure that it is comfortable enough as well as reachable for you. One tip that is more of a common sense is to give a break after frequent journey, for instance, say that you are a on a long journey, so give a break from driving after every hour.

Watch out for the ventilation as well, this is actually looked after by the manufacturer, but make sure it fits your needs as it is yet another important aspect. Nonetheless, checking the air conditioning and rest of the systems functioning is a good habit.

Follow all of these simple tips of good posture driving for having a safe, joyful and a happy comforting ride.

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