Vento 1.2 TSi Overheating Issue

Dear Volkswagen,

I have bought the 2015 model Vento 1.2L TSi DSG (Chassis/VIN number: MEXH15600GT******) 2 months back. I had hardly driven 1600 Kms on that vehicle. One day, the vehicle started showing Engine overheating. The main positive point about Volkswagen we heard before buying is about its build quality. Is this the kind of build quality you are offering? Our new vehicle is locked up in the service center workshop within just 3 months of purchase. This is really disgusting and unacceptable.

When we contacted the service center, they initially said the problem was with the fan and they are in the process of replacing it. When we asked for updates again, they were like replacing fan didnt solve the problem and they are going to replace the water pump. After calling 3-4 times again, they said they dont have water pump in stock and they have given orders to get it from the Pune/ Bangalore plant. They said it will take approx. one week. After one week they are telling this spare part is not available anywhere in India !!!. Now they are going to get it manufactured outside India and then ship back. God knows how many months later. How ridiculous !!.

There are no proper updates from the service center guys. We doubt they havent discovered the root cause of the problem yet. What if the problem is not with the water pump itself? Then they will try replacing some other part. How long will this exercise go? It was heartbreaking to see our new Vehicle in the workshop with its front bumber, light and other parts dismantled and put on the plain floor without much care. I know for the workshop guys its just another faulty vehicle. But for us, its our dream car just 2.5 months old. We want answers for some questions worrying us.

1. Why such an issue occurred for a brand new vehicle?

2. Is there a chance that this issue can occur frequently in future also?

3. Is this a manufacturing defect with some vehicles in this batch?

4. A confirmation on the timeline for resolving this issue.

I chose an automatic car just because of the arthritis problem in my legs. Now we have got a manual Vento as loaner car from the service center. Its very difficult for me drive a manual car because of the pain in the ankles. I had requested them to give an automatic car so many times. But they are telling they wont be able to provide that. Please provide us with an automatic car itself for the time being, co-ordinating with some other service centers if possible or please fix the issue soon and return my car.

Some details of the vehicle given below:

Model Name : Vento 1.2 TSi DSG Comfortline
Vehicle Delivery: October 2015
Service Center: EVM Motors, Kundanoor, Kochi, Kerala, India

Asked by Arun Thomas on 06-01-2016

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