2023's Eco-Friendly EVs Under 10 Lakh

Best Budget EVs: Ex-showroom & On-road Prices and Range - India 2023

Get an in-depth look at the leading electric cars in India under 10 Lakh. Find out about Ex-showroom & On-road prices, range, and key attributes.

2 Best Electric Cars Under 10 Lakh in India

Sl No Model Top Speed (kmph) Price (Ex-showroom, Delhi) Power (PS) Torque (Nm)
1 Tata Tiago EV 120 ₹ 7,99,000 45 110
2 MG Comet EV 105 ₹ 7,98,000 42 110

Details of the above cars:
  • Tata Tiago EV Tata Tiago EV
    The Tata Tiago EV is an electric car launched in India in September 2022, offering a 250 Km range. With a 45 PS Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, it features a liquid-cooled system and fully automatic drive. Charging options include a 3.3 kW wall box charger. The car's sporty and city riding modes, along with zero tailpipe emission, make it an eco-friendly choice.
  • MG Comet EV MG Comet EV
    Launched in April 2023, the MG Comet EV is designed for city driving with a 230 km range. It accommodates four passengers and features an automatic transmission and 17.3 kWh battery. Safety is prioritized with LED lighting and disc and drum brakes. Available in various colors, including dual-tone options, the MG Comet EV is an affordable and practical electric vehicle choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the electric cars under 10 lakh in India?

The electric car models under 10 lakh available in India include Tata Tiago EV and MG Comet EV.

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