New Volkswagen Vento 1.2 TSi DSG Ownership Review and Problems

Noting down everything that is good and bad about the car.

I own a Volkswagen Vento 1.2 TSi DSG Comfortline petrol car. Thought of sharing my experience with the car and the problems associated with it. I am writing this after completing 1600 KMs with the car. Will update the article periodically.

NB: The article wont be having any particular structure. I am just noting down the points.

Car Details

Model: Volkswagen New Vento 1.2 TSi DSG Comfortline. Petrol Automatic with 7 speed gearbox.
Colour: Toffee Brown
Showroom: EVM Motors, Kundannoor, Kochi
Chassis Number / VIN Number: MEXH15600GT******
Engine Number : CBZK*****
Month of Manufacture: August 2015
Booked the car in mid September and got it delivered within 20 days.
Booking amount: Rs.10,000

Pre-Delivery Inspection:
Showroom executive informed me when the car arrived in yard. I went there and took photos and videos from all sides. He didn't allow me to open the doors.

Price Details:
Ex-showroom price including 2 years extended warranty: Rs. 10,22,359
Logistics charges: Rs. 7000
Road Tax: Rs. 100455
One Time CESS : Rs. 100
Exchange bonus discount: Rs. 20,000
Corporate Bonus discount: Rs.7000
Onam Offer Discount: Rs. 5000
Basic Insurance was free. Paid Rs. 7800 for converting to Bumper 2 Bumper insurance from Bajaj Allianz.
On-road price: Rs. 11.3 Lakhs Approximately

Free Accessories:
Showroom guys gave floor mat and mud flap free. Didn't add any accessories from the showroom.

Took a loan of Rs. 10 Lakhs from Volkswagen Finance at an interest rate of 9.99%

NCB Cashback:
Got Rs. 6500 cash back from Bajaj Allianz for transferring the No Claim Bonus (35%) of my old car to the new car.

Why did I choose Vento 1.2 TSi

My initial plan was to buy a crossover or an SUV. But both of my ankles were sprained and it was not showing any signs of improvement. Some doctors suggested it has developed to what is called a post traumatic arthritis and the best thing to do is avoid anything which causes too much stress on the ankles. And I was experiencing pain in the ankles after driving my car. So I thought of buying an automatic car so that the left leg is free while driving. To reduce the strain on the right leg also, I decided to buy an automatic car with cruise control. And the cars which have cruise control and automatic transmission under 12 lakhs were
1. Volkswagen Polo GT
2. Volkswagen Vento TSi
3. Honda City

Removed Honda City from the list since, after reading all reviews, I came to the conclusion that the build quality of Volkswagen cars are much superior than Honda cars and the DSG gearbox is way better than Honda's automatic technology. And among Polo GT and Vento TSi, I decided to buy Vento since for paying Rs. 1.5 lakhs extra, I get a sedan.

I was worried about the maintenance cost of Volkswagen cars. To avoid any future bad experiences, I took extended warranty for 2 years and bumper to bumper insurance. Now I don’t need to worry for the next 4 years.

Vento TSi Toffee Brown

Initial Impression

Fully satisfied with the choice. Excellent performance. One of the best decisions I have taken in 2015 was to buy Vento TSi.

Regretting not taking Highline Varient

I bought the Comfortline variant since the Highline costs more than 1 lakh extra and the waiting period was more. Now I regret not taking the Highline variant. It had some nice features like steering controls with bluetooth, alloy wheels, electrically adjustable rear view mirrors, premium upholstery etc.

Cruise Control

Lots of people (and some online reviews) advised me that cruise control in India was useless and paying 3 or 4 lakhs extra just for cruise control is foolishness since a good automatic car without cruise control was available in the range of 7 to 8 lakhs. But I was convinced that in my particular case cruise control was a necessity and not a luxury. I was right. Now I am a frequent user of this feature. In city roads, if there is not much traffic jam and if I am not in a hurry, I just set the speed to 40kmph and relax. I may have to reset the cruise control several times; but still it has helped to ease the pain in my right leg. It takes a little more time to reach the destination if we use cruise control. Happy with the feature.

Read affordable automatic cars with cruise control.

DSG Performance and Sports Mode

Performance of the DSG gear box is nothing but exceptional. Damn smooth and no jerking while shifting gear.

Driving in Sports Mode is super fun and gives an adrenaline rush. Switch off the AC and music system and drive in Sports Mode. Enjoy the revving sound !!!

Accessories and Modifications

Jabra Bluetooth Speaker. Bought this one for 51 USD (Rs. 3500) from US. Highly recommended.


After 1600 KMs: The car shows a mileage of around 12 to 15 km per litre. Haven't checked with the full tank method.

Vento TSi Complaints

I was surprised and very much disappointed when an engine complaint surfaced within the first 3 months of buying the car.

Engine overheating due to water pump issue.
Just after 2.5 months and 1600 kms, my Vento started showing engine overheating red flag. The temperature had gone to around 130. I immediately stopped the vehicle. Opened the bonnet and waited till the engine was cool again. Sometime later, after ensuring the engine temperature was normal, I took the car to the service center which was nearby. Next day, I called the service engineer and he said the issue is with the radiator fan and they are replacing it and will deliver the car after one day. Next day, I called him again and he said the issue was not with the fan, but with the water pump which was not available in the showroom and he has ordered it from Bombay or Pune and it will take more than a week to reach the showroom. Till then, they gave me a manual Vento diesel as Loaner car. Next week, I called him again and he said the water pump for TSi is not available in India and they have ordered it from Germany and it will take more than a week more. WTF !!! I had sent a letter to Volkswagen regarding the VW TSi Engine Overheating issue and the delay in repairing my car; but the customer service executive just forwared the mail to the showroom.
Update: After 15 days, I got my car back. They had replaced electric fan, solenoid valve and coolant additive all of which costed around Rs. 16000 and was covered under warranty. And they made a small dent near the bonnet. Bad handling. I also noticed that the headlight was not aligned properly. They were not able to fix it properly in the second attempt also. I need to take it again to the showroom to fix it.

Thoroughly disappointed with the service center (EVM Motors, Kochi). The service engineers don't communicate properly and the treatment was also not great. Compared to Volkswagen, Tata and Maruti service centers are far superior.

My Opinion About Vento TSi

Date: 06-01-2016
KMs Driven: 1600
Average Mileage: 12-15 kmpl
Very much satisfied with almost everything except the overheating issue and bad service center service.

Date: 22-08-2016
KMs Driven: 8350
So far good. No complaints. Smooth riding.

Date: 01-10-2016
KMs Driven: 10000
First service over. Costs around Rs.11000
Changed the Bajaj Allianz Drive Assure insurance to National Insurance. Cost difference is close to Rs. 10,000
Bajaj Allianz had quoted Rs. 22000 whereas National Insurance costs only Rs. 11000 for B2B insurance. But, I forgot to add the engine protector component in the insurance.

Date: 10-01-2017
KMs Driven: Close to 20,000
So far no issues with the car. Perfect. Satisfied.

Date: 16-11-2018
KMs Driven: Close to 25,000
Some issue with ABS. The ABS light was always on. Got it fixed for free in warranty. No other issues. Super satisfied.

Date: 26-06-2019
KMs Drive: Close to 28,000
Some issue with brake. Felt like brake is jammed when starting the vehicle. Occurred only rarely. Service center fixed the issue by lubricating hand brake. It was a little tight. No other issues.

Will try to update this article periodically or after facing any issues.
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Latest Comments

reading a lot of negative threads on the internet in terms of durability and longevity of parts of vento. many have complained of faulty break pads, fuel injector issues and replacements at early stages (very expensive parts), engine heating issues (like yours) pump issues and many small niggles.
Also kindly conform is there any under guard protection protecting vital parts underneath the vehicle given the poor road conditions.
is city cvt a better option (not drivebility) but mechanical reliability and longevity of parts
By Sumit Patil on 20-10-2016
Hi Barun,

Both Vento TSi and Polo TSi have four cylinder engines.
By Arun Thomas on 15-10-2016
Is vento tsi a four cylinder motor or its the same three cylinder of polo tsi?
By Barun Dutta on 14-10-2016
covered 5k Km, no issue and fantastic performance
By Vishal on 12-09-2016
Hi Sumit Patil,

You can take 2 more additional years of extended warranty. DSG is now trouble free now. And the cost will eventually decrease once local manufacturing increases. Hope for a reduction of around 70% of spare part prices.

The back row is good for only 2 adults and a kid. Wont be comfortable for 3 adutlts.
By Arun Thomas on 04-08-2016
Hello Arun, Nice review. iam planning to buy Vento Tsi DSG. but iam worried about the DSG, not the performance but its reliability and longevity of the transmission. have heard that the maintenance and spares for DSG are super expensive and VW gives only 2 years warranty. Also how is the back seat comfort and space. is it comfortable for 3 adults for long trips.
By Sumit Patil on 04-08-2016
Thanks Adit for pointing out the mistakes. Have corrected them.
By Arun Thomas on 10-05-2016
A very detailed well written review bro.
Noting down 3 typos for your correction.
Under section
Pre-Delivery Inspection:
Showroom executive informed me when the car arrived in yard. I went there and took photos and videos from all sides. He didn't allow me the open the doors.
He didn't allow me to.
Under section
Engine overheating due to water pump issue.
First para last line.
There were not able to fix it properly in the second attempt also.
They were not able to
Last section
My Opinion About Vento TSi
Date: 06-01-2015
KMs Driven: 1600
The year is 2016 and 2015.
By Adit on 08-05-2016
Vishal.. You just purchased and you were so quick to be bowled over and satisfied?!!! That too With toffee brown ? Really ?
By Color on 12-04-2016
I just purchased toffee brown Vento 1.2 tsi. Bowled over by performance. Satisfied with comfort line variant
By Vishal on 10-04-2016
Carbon Steel Black, Blue, Titanium Beige, Toffee Brown and Silver were available. I liked both Blue and Brown. Decided on Brown color since I feel it has more elegant look.
By Arun Thomas on 06-04-2016
What were the color options that were available to you from which you have settled for Toffee Brown ?
By Color on 05-04-2016
Waiting for your long term review. Please add more details once you complete 20000 kilometres.
By Faazil Samad on 14-01-2016

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