Tips for Washing Your Car

Here are some useful tips for washing your car

With regular care even a very old car can look new. It is recommended that the car should be washed atleast once in a month. The pressure removes the dirt from difficult to reach areas. So use a pressure wash at least once in a while.

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1. Keep the car in a shady place: Its better to choose a shady place for washing the car. Otherwise the water and detergents will get stick on the exterior due to the sunlight.

2. Prepare solution: Don't use dishwashing detergent for cleaning because it can harm the upper layer of the paint finish of your car. Take a full bucket lukewarm water and prepare soap solution as per the instruction on the bottle.

3. Never wipe with a dry cloth: The tiny dust particle that stuck on the vehicle may scratch your vehicle.

4. Ensure that the windows and sunroofs are closed well: Before washing the car ensure that all the windows are closed to avoid the water leakage.

5. Use a hose rather than a bucket of water: While rinsing the rag or sponge in a single bucket, the dirt will be transferred to the water and back to the rag.

6. Wash the vehicle from top to down: Its better to wash the car from top, Otherwise the soap scum may get stuck on the already washed areas.

7. Wash all corners of the car: Never forget to wash the underbody because the dirty deposit may led to rust formation.

8.Tyre cleaning: Rinse the tyre with a hose and leave the tyre-cleaner solution over the tire walls for about 10 seconds. Scrub each and every part of the car segment carefully.

9.Use a wheel cleaner: Wheel cleaners are designed to strip away brake dust efficiently than normal detergents. More over it saves lot of time.

10. Clean windows: Clean all the windows and windshields from both sides with a paper towel.
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