How to drive safely in the city

Here are some tips for a safe drive in the city

Driving through a city is a big challenge especially during high traffic hours. If the drive is in between congested roads and through unfamiliar destination, the situation become worst. Its better to maintain a calm and patient attitude while driving.

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Be more cautious and alert at the junction because there the vehicles move from different sides together. Here are some points that you have to keep in mind, let's go through it...

* Plan the drive: Its better to keep a street map of the area that you have to go. If your car is equipped with satellite communication (eg: GPS), make use of it.

* Follow the traffic rules: Obey the traffic signals and also the police officers that are regulating the flow of traffic. Make use of the indicators properly.

* Move away from emergency vehicles: Always give a way for the emergency vehicles like fire engine, ambulance and police.

* Use small cars: Its better to prefer a small car than a SUV in the highly congested areas or high traffic areas. The small cars always benefit from the parking, as it utilize a minimum space.

* Beware of the transmission: Even though manual-transmission cars are less expensive and often more fuel-efficient. The automatic transmission is more preferable in high traffic areas as it works better there.

* Keep a constant speed: Its better to keep a constant speed in heavy traffic areas. The fast acceleration and immediate slow down reduces the car's mileage.

* Follow the Lane: Avoid changing lanes in the heavy traffic as its very risky and has more chance for the accidents.

* Utilize the safety features: Make use of the safety features like car alarm, anti-theft device, anti-lock brakes effectively. It also avoid the car theft while parking.
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