Tips for Safe Driving on Highways

Follow the rules and regulation while driving on highway. Here are some tips..

Highway driving

* Keep a map: To get an idea of the way you travel its better to keep a street map or guidebook. You can make use of the GPS system.

* Ensure the clear vision: The average speed of all vehicles while driving in the highway will be more than that of city driving. So you must ensure the clear vision and should be alert of animals or human crossing the road.

* Keep a distance: Its better to maintain a big gap between the vehicles in front of you. Keep in mind that at higher the speed, the gap between vehicles should be wider. This always help you in the case of emergencies.

* Maintain a constant speed: Maintaining an average speed is not only a part of safety but it helps to deliver better mileage. This also reduces the stress behind the long highway driving.

* Overtake carefully: You must be more alert while overtaking. Before overtaking you must check the mirrors, put on proper indicator signals and make sure that you have enough space in the traffic.

* Be visible: Along with your visibility, ensure that you are visible to others. So for getting an attention to other drivers at high speed, its better to use headlights every time. Headlamps with Xenon lamps are more preferable.

* Avoid night drive: Most of the accidents occurs during the night, so its better to avoid night drive. If it is inevitable use the headlights and indicators properly especially while parking at road side.

* Take intervals: Find a good parking area and take rest for every 2 hours. It is recommended to carry some energy boosters while driving.

* Don't drink and drive: The drinks or alcohol affects the functioning of the brain,even a light drink would slow your reaction at emergency situations. So avoid those during a drive.

* Proper maintenance: Check your car's condition at proper intervals of time. Any malfunctioning may led to serious injuries or even death. Always ensure that the tyre pressure and braking system are in good condition.
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