How to Maintain Your Car in Summer?

Some top tips for car maintenance during summer

During summer your cars need some extra care and servicing. Here are some points that helps you in car maintenance during summer.

* Park in the shade:
Always find a shady area for parking your car. Because parking under direct sunlight gives excessive heating of cabin and it also leads to fading of the body color and lose of lustre. If you can’t find a shady spot, its better to use a car cover.

 Car parked under a tree

* Check your Air conditioner:
Ensure that your A/C is working well and is giving proper cooling. Also check Gas/refrigerant, compressor and blower inspection.

* Check the tyres:
During Summer the pressure inside the tyre will be so high. Ensure that the tyre pressure is maintained as per the recommendations by manufacturer. Check the tyre pressure when the tires are in cold state.

* Refueling:
It is better to refuel your car in the morning or evening especially during summer. Also replace the engine oil every 5,000 km or as recommended by the manufacturer.

* Check engine temperature:
Check the temperature gauge and make sure the temperatures are under control. If you found that heat is extremely high, stop the car immediately and take immediate action.

* Check the windshield wiper:
Ensure that the windshield wiper blades are working well. Also check that there is enough washer fluid in the car. There will be lot of dust particles during summer, that may stick on the windshield and may obstruct your view.

* Limit the speed:
Driving at a very high speed will badly affect your car's mileage. So try to maintain a speed limit in all weather conditions.

* Check the brakes:
Ensure that your brakes are in good working condition. Too soft or too hard brake pedals are a sign that indicate your brakes need to be checked immediately.

* Check the coolants:
Check the coolant levels regularly and also ensure the proper circulation of coolant. Its better to check the coolant levels at morning. Remember that lower levels of coolant may be hazardous for your engine.
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