How to Maintain Your Car in the Monsoon?

Here are some tips for your car in the rain

Monsoon is one of the toughest season for both the driver and car. If you want to know the maintenance tips go through the points below.

* Check the tire:
Always maintain the air pressure in tyres as prescribed by manufacturer. Also ensure that the tyres have enough tread depth. Check whether the tread depth of are in safe limits of 3 to 5 mm.

* Check the Windscreen:
Visibility is a very important factor during rainy season. You must ensure that your windscreen is free from the dust particles, oil/grease and scratch. Remember that even a small scratch will affect your vision adversely especially at night.

* Clean the Washer Wiper:
Always use a good quality wiper. Clean the wiper with a soap solution and check whether it is working properly.

* Check the light:
Use good quality lights. Ensure that all the head lights, indicators and tail lamps are in proper working condition.

* Pre-monsoon service:
You know regular servicing reduces the chances of a break down. Always check the brake pads and disc calipers.

A car in the rain

* Protect from rust:
Ensure that no metal work is left exposed during rainy season. A very small spots of rust on your car may result in the heavy damage to the metal covering.

* Check the fluid levels:
Ensure that the fluids such as lubricants, oil, brake fluids and coolants are at optimum level.

* Check the battery:
Most of the breakdowns that occur during the rainy season is due to the weak battery. So check the condition of battery at regular intervals of time and get it recharged immediately.

* Maintain a distance:
Its better to keep a safe distance with the car ahead because the braking distances are severely affected on wet roads.
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