Help your engine rock by tweaking air filters

Hey friends! We hope you are not just reading the different tips/tricks and the car care advices presented here, but even following the same to improve your car's performance. Here we go today with tweaking air filters to help your engine rock!

Most auto mechanics recommend upgrading from box air filter to sport air filter to enhance performance of the engine. Ask if it really does, we say it's relative.

When a sport air intake is installed poorly it actually reduces the performance of engine more so if the car is not powered by a turbocharged or supercharged engine.

The stock box air intake is made to use the cold air that is surrounding the engine, and when you strap in the sport air intake in the engine compartment without isolating from the heat generated by engine then the car performance is reduced.

Ask why? The cold air has higher oxygen density and as the engine runs by burning oxygen more of it is used to burn the fuel and reduced oxygen reduces horse power too.

However, by buying a sport air filter with air box can help improve the performance of the engine. This air box would be smaller than the conventional box of the box air filter; however, it is made of heat-resistant material to ensure air going into the engine is certainly cold.

Tweaked air filter will ensure:
- Improved filtering
- Increased BHP (more air intake implies more power)
- Increase in fuel efficiency
- Reduces resistance to intake of air across several RPMs which eventually will improve the acceleration.

Make sure you follow Carz4Sale for more stuff that can help you improve your car engine performance. Until we continue our quest for providing you with some more tips, take care!

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