Automotive tools every car owner needs

Must have tools in the hands of every car owner

Cars are a sizeable investment in any person's life. However as the car gets older and older the maintenance of it becomes damn so important. There are some tools that can come in the aid of an auto owner; because even for the simple fixes auto mechanics charge exorbitant process and having tools handy could help one fix those at home a lot cheaper. Having knowledge about tools and owning them come very handy to a car owner, and he can save good deal of money as well as time not to mention good maintenance of respective car/s.

1. Lifting tools such as jack and jack stands/ramps are the foremost tools every car owner needs; to elevate the car to repair a flat tyre or to raise the car to work on the car otherwise. Jack will assist to rotate the tyres at home, and carrying a jack in the car wherever they went helps car owners. Besides to have a tyre too will come in the tyre replacement in the event of flat tyre. Having a jack and jack stand enables a car owner to reach the difficult points underneath the car and fix problems.

2. Having a 3/8 inches socket set is another handy tool to deal with loosening or tightening a variety of bolts and nuts. With the socket make sure you have solid vice-grips as well which can help you hold many car parts and get leverage of the same to loosen/tighten a part.

3. Oil wrench forms another important tool as oil change is another practice a car owner can do by oneself. Scheduled oil change helps maintain the car in good shape, and for a successful change an oil wrench is inevitable tool needed. The oil wrench helps in taking off oil filter enables oil change conveniently. So do not cough money to an auto mechanic for simple task instead keep an oil wrench in car. And here when you change oil by yourself having funnel (one that's overlooked by car owners but that helps you not to over fill fluids while doing oil change), cotton rags (else you will have to use your hankie), a small bucket will be very helpful.

Any car needs regular maintenance and having right tools a car owner can fix simple jobs without taking the car to a mechanic. Having tools handy could just increase the longevity of your vehicle as well as big savings in repair and maintenance costs. With that being said we don't mean that you go spending thousands of rupees on high-cost tools. If you aren't a mechanic that wants to make living with tools some low-cost tools will be just okay for the minor repairs. You could find majority of tools at local auto spares stores.

All said no sweet without having recipe; possible? So have the repair manual of your brand car before you embark on loosening the nuts, a manual would have all specifics and details of your brand car/SUV and so is as essential as having the tools.

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