Driving etiquette for all motorists

Did you know that each and every year there are at least 40,000 automobile injuries? And more than 6 million accidents occur every year?

Keep the statistical records aside, while driving can give a liberating experience it can also be a scary one because the city roads and the highways at least in India can be very tough at times. Poor driving experience is a result of etiquette levels followed by other drivers on the road, the speedy drivers, drunken blokes and the rest of the folks who are in their own second life. However, one should always follow the driving etiquette to keep oneself and the others safe. Give respect and take respect should be followed by everyone driving on the road and it'd be pleasurable experience for all.

In simple words, this means that the civilians should abide by the road rules. As you know, speedily driving is one of the biggest concern and the cause for accidents. The limits imposed on the speed are to be followed; they are a necessity, folks! Moving along the lines of auto travel rules (includes but not limited to understanding the driving law, signal rules, following road signs, etc) can easily reduce the number of fatal accidents we hear and read everyday on the newspapers.

The first basic tip or etiquette is to focus on the road and only on the road while driving. This means you (read: driver) should avoid any and all kinds of distractions including using mobile phone to make calls and texting. Yes, it is a busy world out there where multitasking is favored (kind of), but it is always safe to follow the rules, right? So, the law enforces that it is illegal to use phone while driving, and you will be billed if are you spotted meddling with your phone when you are behind the wheel.

Never miss to use the turn signals at every chance you get. More often than not each one of us is caught off guard; we do not know what the driver in the front is trying to do when the turn signals aren't on. You don't want to be that bloke, do you? If you should be taking a turn or changing lanes, let other drivers get enough time with your turn signal.

Please make sure to drive safely, especially on the highways. Usually, folks who are driving on the edge of the speed limit, or slightly above the speed limit, may take the left lane. So, no matter what if you are just learning to drive, it is always necessary to know that you should avoid such lanes and cruise at a slower pace than the rest. Drive slowly and always remain in the far right lanes to be on the safer side.

I wont say don't blow the horn, but blow it sensibly. It's more than annoying when people show their impatience by honking irrationally especially at traffic signals. Remember that the horn on your car is just a warning that you press during emergent and unsafe conditions, and definitely it ain't your stress reliever that you go on pressing it continuously. Do not blow one when you feel that other motorist is slow for you. Respect their driving style and lay your hands off that horn.

Also, tailing is illegal in many places these days. This means you have to refrain yourself from driving too close to the car, that is, have a decent space between your car and the other. Because if at all the driver in front of you takes a sudden brake, then the consequence is nothing but a gruesome crash.

Of course, everyone, no matter what, gets mad at one point while driving. Perhaps, we are frustrated over the other drivers driving. But here's the tough part: avoid showing off your anger to the others. The finger gestures, slang talks, loud shout out or the cursing on the road does no good and often ends up in violence, which may not be something that you'd want to indulge yourself into. Road raging is a serious thing and in some country you are fined for doing so. Nonetheless avoid getting into fights.

Do not rubberneck yourself when you sight an accident. Avoid panicking, stay calm and take necessary steps if you can. Otherwise move out of the sight.

The list is endless; however these were the good number of rules worth knowing. To sum it up defensive driving, using mirrors, and switching signals at turns and changing lanes establish visual communication with other people on the road are some simple rules of the thumb and driving etiquette for safer road travel observed by all, yet followed by just few. You should make sure to follow the laws, be attentive while driving and help out the fellow drivers when there's a need for it. Follow etiquette while driving which can keep you and other motorists safe.

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