How to change flat tyre of the car safely

We at will bring some 'how to' articles for the benefit of readers. In this quest, it is how to change a flat tyre safely today.

Changing tyres right in the middle of nowhere isn't something you would like or expect to do, more particularly when you are starting your day out. Yes, of course, sooner or later such issues crop up for every other car owner. And most of the times these disasters do happen at the wrong moments, for instance, when you are on your way to office, going on a date with family, to pay some bills on last grace day, or even heading back home to catch the live cricket action- you hear a loud bang and when you check its your left rear tyre that flattened and you won't be able to go on time. Thanks to the nails on the road, or otherwise the gravel-laden roads your tyre/s screeches for help and flattens out, sadly.

There are some who might be really fortunate to own a car with warn systems for flattening tyres or low tyre pressures. If you should have such a piece consider yourself lucky that you can avoid the process of tyre changing. Yet even for those, it doesn't hurt to know or understand how one can chance the flat tyres by oneself. Given the fact that tyre flattens out more often, car manufacturers have made an easy way out for most of the car drivers.
But you can be a helpful soul to some hapless guy in the middle of the road. Knowledge gives you power and it can't be agreed more.

So, before you start:
It is always recommended to know some of the basic facts. Before heading for a road trip it is always appropriate to get your car services, and special focus should be laid on the tyres. Tyres that look all used up and might flatten out should be changed and replaced with the newer ones.

Every car owner, or the driver, should be aware of the tools that we use to change the tyres. Usually all the car tool kits include jack, an extra tyre and a lug wrench. Look at the car manual for further assistance if this is the first time you are on your way to change the tyres. Always remember: it takes a minute or two to glimpse through the manual, this often comes to be quite handy whenever the tyre goes flat out in the middle of nowhere. So, do look into the manual, always.

Needed stuff:
Besides the already mentioned tools like spare tyre, the jack and the lug wrench, you should carry around additional utensils just to be on a safer side. Some of the tools recommended for any car owners are: flashlight with extra batteries, gloves, mat to kneel on, plastic rain poncho, tyre gauge as well as tyre blocks.

Changing the flat tyre:

Find the exact spot to have your car parked to change the tyre
First off, get off the freeway when you encounter the flat tyre. You could push your car, or still ride it for quite some distance, but you better be aware of the fact that the more you drive with a flat tyre, the worse it can and it gets - and will probably become not fixable by yourself alone too. Once you are out of the freeway and you have parked the car safely, look out for the spot. Make sure not to park somewhere on top of the hill, or where the traffic is crammed up.

Find a safer place, put those brakes on and probably stone the tyres to avoid them sliding down through the road in case it's a downhill.

Get the tools off your car
Now it's the time to put them into use. Also use any other toolkit that you are familiar with along with the additional tools if necessary.

Loosen the nuts
There are typically a few of them that are needed. Pick them out if they are under the hubcap. However, make sure to loosen the lug nuts, don't just remove them now. Fix the wrench on these lug nuts and apply your strength, otherwise hit the wrench arm with a rock or a hammer to loosen them.

Raise the car to get the tyres off the car
Of course, you can't do this all by your human strength no matter how strong you are. So here comes, the use of jack to lift your car off the ground. You should know that there are different places to shove the jack, so make sure to look into the manual, or give it a shot by examining the bottom of the car. After the jack has been firmly fixed, raise the car, say about 6 inches from the ground is fine.

Its time to remove wheels
After you have put those nuts aside, it is time to remove the wheels. Simply pull the wheel straight out and you are ready to roll. Do it for the rest if the problem is on more than one tyre.

Use the spare car wheel
Do this by fixing the spare wheel and put the nuts back, fix them on the base firmly.

Tighten it up
Tighten the nuts and give it a close check to see they are intact and do not fall off their places.

Lower the car
Now that you have fixed the car wheel, lower the car with the help of jack and take off the jack. Quite a relieving process, you see.

Tighten the nuts again
Now once again go on to tighten the lugs and make sure that they are done in the right order and are examined again for their tightness.

The last step is to look around and make sure things are alright. Do not drive right away before ensuring no nuts are left out. Now put the flattened one in the space where you have taken the spare tire and keep the jack back from where they are pulled out.

Some additional tips:

* You may require an additional hollow pipe, say anywhere between 2-3 feet long, for leveraging the car.

* If at all the lug nut sticks, use lubricating oil and retry the process. This will make things a lot easier.

* Make sure not to hurt your hands during the process, always be circumspect while dealing with changing of tyres.

* Always be careful while pulling on the wrench and do it the right way; refer guide if required.

Easy and Quick Fix.
There are of course chances of your tyre being flat but not completely ruined. If you are sure that a nail or a sharp object has pierced the tyre then give it a self-check, somewhere on the roadside. In such cases, the fix should become fairly easy process. You can get patch up of the tube yourself if you have the required materials, or you may visit any of the nearest station to get a suitable patching done.

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