Car interior scrub and maintenance tips

Often times, car interior is something even most of the car fanatics too ignore. While it is of course important to make sure the exterior of your car shines, it is also a necessity to keep the interiors as comforting and clean. You can clean the interior by yourself and don't have to really spend a fortune on that. That said, you should be equipped with a cleaning tool kit to help you to get the job done. The cleaning kit includes a vacuum cleaner and maybe a couple of brushes to help you maintain your car interiors better.

Let's talk in-depth on cleaning the car's interiors. The focus is on removing the dirt which can be achieved by a decent quality vacuum cleaner. Specialty vacuum cleaners come these days for cleaning out your car's interiors and you can check with the makes and buy that can meet your requirements. Make sure to vacuum out the car's floor and the carpet. After this, use the brush from the cleaning kit onto the vacuum machine - use it accordingly to clean the doors of your car along with the dashboard. Separately, clean out the carpets and mats (first using a recommended mat and carpet scrub brush) then with water and let it dry out (it again depends on the carpet material you are using: for only vinyl or plastic or the rubber surfaces can be cleaned with water).

Now onto the car seats: You can apply cleaning agents - available with the cleaning kit - on the car seats and the upholstery. Give it a rub using dry cloth thoroughly and follow the guide. If you can't find any commercial cleaning agent then prepare one yourself in the home. This can be done by mixing warm water and the laundry detergent in proportion.

For cleaning the dashboard, you'll require the use of brush, a polish available especially for the dashboard, and a moist cloth. Firstly, clean off the parts in plastic and remove any stains encountered during the process. Dry it for a while and once this process is done - pick up the polishing material, apply and let it dry again. Now rub it off to give the dashboard a shiny effect. Avoid using silicone-based cleaning agents as they kind of leave oily residues which attract more dust than before. Clean the glass interiors with ammonia free cleaning agents, sometimes even plain water with mild detergent can do the cleaning then wipe with cloth and give last scrub with paper. This rub gives the glass a sparkling finish. Vinyl and leather cleaners are available today to clean the seat/s and the surfaces.

For those of you who face the foul odor in the car should be concerned with the air conditioning system, which can be blocked with the dirt. As this dirt settles in this system, it can cause issues and block the car's important part if you don't clean it for long. The bad odor every time you flip on the AC can be harmful. So, eliminate this issue by spraying the air vent with an anti-bacterial agent, they are available in different scents to suit your tastes. And always make sure to check the functioning of air conditioning system regularly.

And finally it pays to be organized, make a schedule to clean your car. Say, you can make a regimen weekly and monthly. You can also incorporate the same with car washing too to save time at your end.

Using a microfiber towel or cloth, you can wipe the surfaces and also brush off the seats. In case you have taken your pet in the car, as you come home brush off the seats and the interiors to dust off the pet hair. Pet hair do only emanate odor they can cause allergy to persons who are not used, so make sure you instantly clean your interiors. Give a quick vacuuming to the mats and if you haven't made a mess inside your car this is what you max need to do on a weekly basis to keep the interiors clean Then on a monthly basis give a more detailed scrubbing and combine it with cleaning to keep the car off any specks and spots.

As you know, a car that is properly maintained increases the performance and efficiency. So always make out time for this.

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