Accessorize your car without having to spend a fortune

You have gotten a real good deal to buy a used car. You don't want to drive the car with the same taste the previous had, do you. You can add some personalization even if it is a pre-owned car; you own it now after all and its more than a tool that takes you and your family out and back to home; we can add personal touch and renovate it to reflect your character and taste with out spending much.

Customizing the car interior can turn your ride into a much lively one. And there is no real need to spend heaps of money over adding some pieces of accessories to it for the simple reason that you don't have to replace the expensive parts, and no it is not just hanging a piece of ornament from the rear view mirror, there is much more to accessorizing the car to make it look like you than hanging a thing from mirror.

Adding some car accessories would suffice to pimp your car. You can start all this by getting a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kit accessories from any of the local stores.

Firstly, kick start the 'project accessorization' with the car seats. As you know, when your friends jump into your car, they would love to have a comfy cabin - the atmosphere and the seating. Just make sure to patch up the ripped off seat covers, if any. But personally we would prefer to get new seats and have designer covers because this makeover can definitely make the inside of the car much more alluring, although it would call for hard pinch on the purse. If you choose to patch up, make it look like it's a designer by giving a uniform patch up maybe contrast colored materials would bring in that symmetric design which doesn't make it look like patched up seating.

To cut down on the junk in your car, keep the things around organized. Once again, this requires minimal cash to get started. For instance, you can use a box - like that of a shoe box or a jewelry box - and let your imagination flow; decorate them and put them up on your car, perhaps between the seats or in the seat cover to dump in the junk. If you are creative, then you can churn out an eye candy box to put in the cell phones, pens, and other stuff strewn around in the car.

You can also get a car trash bin to dump all the papers, covers and unwanted materials. You can get bins made out of plastic, or get a nifty trash bin (usually expensive), to keep your car neat. Such trash bins are available with majority of dealers - and you can place them in the front seating, or just between the back seats.

You can change the map lights that can dramatically alter the mood of your car. There are several aftermarket car interior lights in styles and colors that can suit you. And think about electronics inside the car? A new stereo, or a hands free mobile device or even the GPS unit can give the car a dashing look to your car. Maybe if money is no constraint for you, deploying an auto cop to police your car would be wonderful choice.

Last but not the least, get an air refresher. A car is incomplete without it; however, you should make sure it doesn't fume out chemical gas that may not be good for your health. Always look at the instructions while getting an air refresher. Of course, in order to save money, you can make this on your own. Simply get a cardboard, cut it out in a stylish way, and cover the inside with strong scent. Make sure to have an eco-friendly environment that isn't harmful while doing so, having a 'no smoking' or 'smoke-free zone', or I never drink and drive always drive home and drink kind of stickers on bumper will elevate your persona.

By now, you must have got the drift. There is nothing special about most of the do-it-yourself accessories, you can get car accessories pre-made right off the stores. But if you prefer the other way around, then your imagination and creative skills flow.

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