Purchasing a cheap car - what to see to get the best from it

If you are in the market for a new car there are many things that you can do to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible so that you do not end up buying a lemon.

Many dealerships will offer you a car at a certain price, but there are many things that you can do in order to make sure that you land in the best deal that you possibly can and you do not end up spending too much money and/or not getting the car that you wanted. Buying new car doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to get a perfect one. There are problems even with new car such as those problems associated with design and/or manufacturing issues and issues related to driving comfort.

Here are the few simple suggestions that you might want to take into consideration when you are trying to purchase a new vehicle so that you can save sometime as well as money on your next car purchase.

One thing to make sure that you look for is any leaks coming out from the engine compartment. You will find this out by seeing a puddle of antifreeze or other fluids underneath the car. Furthermore, if you should see any type of a tunnel underneath the car you might want to consider lowering the price on your offer or still better decline any offer, because it is going to end up to put in more money into the car then you are ready to.

Make sure you don't overlook anything including the brakes because if there is any fluid leaking, you will be able to get the car a discounted price because you will have to put more money into the car before you will be able to really drive it.

Another thing to look for is to make sure that tires are properly inflated and the car starts. When you purchase a car you want to make sure that you ask the previous owner if there is anything that does not go along with a car. Check the lights and the horn. If the car had been kept for display before you wanted to own, chances are that the battery must have ran out of its charge. Check for the battery in place and make sure you check that everything comes with the car when you purchase it because once you decide to purchase it may decide to alter the deal, you might mean for a big surprise when you tried to drive the car away.

Also check with the different dealers and look for the best offer - in terms of price of the car, service, its proximity to your home, offers such as extended warranty and roadside breakdown assistance, 24x7 toll free assistance and good customer service. The next time you are looking to purchase a car you might want to check out these things in order to make sure that you're getting the best deal possible for your money.

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I am looking to buy a good family used vehicle for any sudden usage for travel.
Kindly suggest me a good car with an budeget around 2 lakhs
By Yagna Sai on 11-10-2020
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