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Top 10 Fuel Efficient Petrol Hatchback Cars in India

Few years ago it were just Maruti 800, Zen or Hyundai available as choice for the small car shoppers. Thankfully, those days are gone and buying a small car can be quite a task with brimming choices and widened small car segment in the Indian car market today.

Leave those first-time car buyers, but even those looking to go for the second car or for change of model choosing has become a trial with the market full of cars, especially cars under Rs. 500,000 because each car maker is eyeing on market share. A prospective buyer is bound to collapse at the car tagline, live simpler drive better, more car per car, German engineering das auto, the sunshine car, alto let's go, this and that.

But wait, after setting a budget for the car, you should know what you expect from the car- whether you want to drive it regularly and so looking for a mileage winner or one that has large boot space or one that is with plush interiors, or one that has stylish looks. If you know the answer you can go from this.

You have decided to buy a car that is fuel efficient. It's an important factor, and with the fuel prices rising almost 3-4 times a years becomes the most important consideration even. While there could be several factors that affect mileage of a car including quality of petrol to steady driving to AC usage, it still makes a lot of sense to know about those cars that are fuel efficient. Why not? The world is marching ahead towards those technologies that can make cars fuel efficient.

We try to list the top ten fuel efficient petrol hatchbacks in India here. They may certainly be worth considering although they can't take the pain of price rise of petrol. However, please be informed that we are talking of just fuel economy part of the cars and nothing more in this article.

Tata Nano - 25 kmpl
This is the winner and the most fuel efficient car (hatchbacks and sedans combined) ever in India, besides being the cheapest hatchback. The Tata Nano gives an envious fuel economy of 25 kmpl. Nano achieves the fuel efficiency from a 2-cylinder, 624 cc rear engine as well as rear wheel-drive system. The car features 4-speed manual transmission, and the small wonder has given a new dimension to car makers to work on fuel efficient technologies. The car from the Tata Motors has capitalized on the fuel efficiency factor like no other car in the segment. Other than fuel efficiency the Nano doesn't really can boast of anything great.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 - 20.2 kmpl
The second best model in the line of fuel efficient cars is the new Maruti Suzuki Alto K10. It's a new version of Brand Alto which has already the country's favorite car which comes with an incorporated K series engine to further enhance the fuel efficiency. With a mileage of 20.2 kmpl the car can be rated as the best in the petrol version A2 segment cars.

A stylized cute innovative design coupled with supreme performance coming from the 998cc 3-cylinder K10B engine, the car can produce maximum power of 68 ps@6200 rpm and a peak torque of 90 Nm at 3500 rpm. Well Maruti Suzuki produces cars that are fuel efficient on the Indian roads and the new Alto K10 would testify for the statement.

Maruti Suzuki A-star - 19.6 kmpl
Maruti Suzuki has been working to bring some really good mileage giving cars and you bet there are a few Maruti cars spotted in the top 10 best mileage giving cars. Maruti A-Star, may have not been a super hit of the Maruti models in India, but it has become one of the international favorites in the first year of its launch. The car boasts of 19.6 kmpl mileage which is actually the best in the B segment. Besides mileage, the Maruti A-star has several other features every prospective buyer can really look into. Stylized design and looks with latest engine technology like the new-generation KB series engine are other features that make A-star worth choosing against others in the same price bracket.

Chevrolet Beat - 18.61 kmpl
Chevrolet Beat is another beauty from the American based Chevrolet Motors. This small wonder has become an instant hit with the funky young generation for its cheeky looks and sexy design notwithstanding a performance that can give other cars a scare. Chevrolet Beat beats the hell out of the petrol by extracting a mileage of 18.61 km per every liter of petrol. Even with the not-so-great dealer network Chevrolet Motors has been achieving steady growth in the market, thanks to the aggressive marketing and irresistible service offers. Chevrolet Beat with its 1.2-litre, 4-cylinder S-TEC II petrol engine and 5-speed gearbox (manual) gives decent throttle response even in the city traffic. The advanced S-TEC II engine has what is called a PDA or Port De-Activation system which ensures high exhaust gas recirculation as well as combustion stability even at low speeds and gives optimal performance at high speeds with enhanced fuel efficiency.

Chevrolet Spark - 18.29 kmpl
Chevy Spark has been a fresh model during its launch. Although it much resembles the most successful Daewoo Matiz in looks and size when we have to talk about mileage, the two are a different class. Be it cost or the fuel economy Spark is one unbeatable model; it comes with GM service warranty for 3 years to drive the competition a mile away.

Chevrolet Spark runs on a 4-cylinder 1-liter engines that displaces 998cc and the car comes with 5-speed manual transmission. The Siemens EMS technology monitors the emissions as well as regulates the fuel burning quite efficiently to give quite good mileage of about 18.29 kmpl. Before the launch of Chevrolet Beat it was in the third place.

Maruti Suzuki Estilo - 18.2 kmpl
Maruti Estilo is another small wonder with whopping high mileage. Actually no one would have ever given it a thought that the Estilo will be in the sixth spot of fuel efficient cars. However, with a mileage of 18.2 kmpl the Maruti Suzuki Estilo does give it really tough to all its adversaries in the segment.

The Maruti Suzuki Estilo runs on 3-cylinder K10B engine which displaces 998cc and generates power of 68 PS@ 6200 rpm and a torque of 90 Nm at 3500 rpm. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox and with the superior engine technology that delivers volumetric efficiency as well as the low engine weight eventually gives ARAI certified fuel efficiency of 18.2 kmpl.

Nissan Micra - 18.06 kmpl
This is a surprise entry in 2010. While presence of Nissan is not so much in India, the launch of Nissan Micra in July 2010 has changed the scenario. It is not a surprise to say that all car lovers in India no about the Brand as well as the magic of Micra. While Micra has that very attractive cheeky looks to immediately grab the attention of onlookers, its ARAI certified fuel efficiency @ 18.06 kmpl adds to choice of prospective B segment car buyers. Pitted against cars including Maruti Suzuki Ritz and Swift and even Skoda Fabia, this is giving really hard time to its competitors despite very very poor dealer and service network in India.

The Nissan Micra is powered by 1198cc 3-cylinder in-line engine that produces maximum power of 75 bhp @ 6000 rpm and 104 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. The 1.2-liter engine has a valve-timing control (VTC) technology that will generate maximum power of 75 Bhp with maximum torque of 104 Nm. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox but the unique feature of the 3-cylinder 1.2-liter HR12DE engine is that it needs fewer moving parts as compared to conventional 4-cylinder engines. A bore circularity machining has been applied to cylinder block so to reduce the friction by about 20%. Also the light weight of the engine contributes to the fuel efficiency.

Hyundai i10 1.2 liter - 18.06 kmpl
Hyundai has an amazing line up of cars that not only impress with their stylish looks but capable of saving money for petrol.

Hyundai i10 has become quite a rage amongst urbane car lovers and the 1.2-liter Kappa, 4-cylinder engine with DOHC (double overhead cam shaft) that breathes through 16 valves generates peak power of 79 bhp at 5200rpm and also is soft on fuel. The mileage of the Hyundai i10 1.2 liter stands at 18.06 km per liter of petrol and gives it good eighth spot.

Hyundai i10 1.1 liter - 17.83 kmpl
The Hyundai 1.1-liter car with in-line 4-cylinder iRDE (Intelligent Responsive Drive Engine) churns about 66 bhp of power at 5500 rpms and the aluminum Kappa engine (which is actually first in its class) low noise vibration and harshness besides low emission outputs. The Hyundai's intelligent responsive drive technology works on improving the mileage as well as performance of the car. The Hyundai i10 1.1 liter delivers a fuel efficiency of 17.83 kmpl, quite decent for the class and to beat the competition.

Maruti Suzuki Ritz - 17.7 kmpl
Maruti really takes pride in featuring many cars in the list of top 10 fuel efficient cars and the last one in the line up is the funky model from the Indian car major; the Maruti Ritz. The car although doesn't impress everyone by its design and looks, has taken the market by storm for the fuel efficiency and the price advantage it boasts.

The Ritz gives a very good mileage of 17.7 kmpl and stands good in its segment. The car is powered by a BS IV conformed K12M petrol engine and the 1.2-liter petrol engine generates maximum power of 85 bhp at 5500 revs and a peak torque of 117 Nm at 4200 rpm. The K12M engine in the Ritz has plastic components to have the engine weight low and the shortened piston skirts high-tech spark plugs for ignition and plastic intake with DOHC work on giving a very fuel economy.

Because of continuous skyrocketing of petrol prices car companies have shifted their focus on making fuel efficient models and so we hope to add on more to the list of top 10 fuel efficient petrol hatches in India. But if you should like any one of the models we discussed here, do not hesitate go car shopping and buy the one that should meet your requirements. Happy and safe driving.

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Latest Comments

This is very informative and most relevant one including most recent launches too!
By on 10-12-2010
Comparison on fuel economy is good. Similarly, an article on engine comparison and torque curves will give better insight on ride quality, when fuel efficiency is so close in all these make/modles.
By on 22-02-2011
Why new wagon R is not included?it has same engine as alto,A star & Estilo & second best after Alto k10 on high way.
By on 21-04-2011
why wagon r is not included in the list?? the company claim that it will give18.9lmpl on city ride....
pls do share ur thoughts
By on 12-06-2011
This is wrong, I have Alto K10 & Nano. Nano got only 17km/L, but alto is better feul efficient, its got 21 km/L (With AC Nano 13 & Alto 17.5)
By on 13-06-2011
Please advice is a Skoda Fabia is the good car for domestic use.

Please return the mail.
By on 26-07-2011
what about audi cars
By on 04-08-2011
What about Volkswagen Polo..?
By on 13-11-2011
i planing to purchase a petrol car. my price range is 4 to 5 lakhs so please tell me which car is best for me
By on 18-11-2011
Toyota Etios Liva is an excellent car. It is the most spacious hatchback , with safety features like SRS air bags, ABS / EBD brakes, large tyres ( 185 / 70 R 15 ), reverse sensors, engine immobiliser, good looks, 80 BHP / 104 Nm torque, 18 kpl, No quarter glass, 173 mm GC, large boot ( 251 ltrs ), good driving comfort and the TOYOTA brand name.
By on 22-11-2011
i m planning to buy i20 or toyotta liva or fabia in petrol, suggest which is the best, which gives the best average
By on 01-12-2011
Is hyundai i10 magna a good car to buy.

wats the avg milege hyundai 10 magna get in city roads.
By on 12-12-2011
I planing to purchase a petrol car which having good milege. my price range is 4.5 to 5.5 lakhs so please tell me which car is best for me
By on 14-12-2011
i would like to buy a petrol car which having good mileage and comfort too.. my price range is below 6lakhs. pl suggest some car??
By on 15-12-2011
when i read this information than i buy the marutisuzuki A-star.this car give me 21 kmpl of Avg
By on 03-01-2012
Sir, I am planning to buy i20 Magna Petrol. People are telling it is not fuel efficient car and also it has not a powerful engine. I am looking for spacious and comfortable car. Please guide me at the earliest. My budget is about 6 lakhs.
By on 20-01-2012
Why new wagon R is not included in this list
By on 05-02-2012
i m also confused.
By on 05-02-2012
New Swift ZDi scores, it gives milage of 27.8 Kms/litre, company claims 23Kms/litre, I thought i made a mistake and then rechecked the milage by tank full method, it returned me 27.6, so there was no mistake, i Use mobil Engine oil, Nitrogen 45/40 in tyres, A/c On always. before 1500 Kms it gives 15/16Kms per litre
By on 24-02-2012
i10 magna with 1.2L give you arround 14km/ltr in city but in high way you will 21km/ltr with A/C.

It's good car for 5 people and in that case it will work better than alto!!
By on 29-02-2012
what about i10 LPG?
By on 04-03-2012
Hehe , i10 gives 18 KMPL , it is giving same for 2 litres of Petrol !!
By on 04-03-2012
i want to purchase a car range up to 6 petrol, which is the best one ,suggest me IMMEDIATLY
By on 24-03-2012
Maruti 800 is the best car for good around 20 to 21 petrol avarage but i am not understand why company stop making and its parts
By on 13-04-2012
Any users of Toyota LIVA Petrol?
Can we have the mumbai city mileage?
By on 15-04-2012
mr rajbir k10 is best can be drive easy..&looks good better for Astar,waganor,estilo..
By on 18-04-2012
i10 is best car....but its cost is very high..its cost is nearset disel car....
By on 19-04-2012
hi. I am selling my fiat palio stile multijet diesel.which petrol small car upto 4 lakh can give me some what similar space,comfort,mileage, and performance. Max driving 6000 kms. Per year, so far. How is the eon and brio.
By on 20-04-2012
I am planing to buy a hatchback car in range of 5-6 lakh. Please advise which is better out of Etios Liva, Maruti Swift, Dzire, i20, i10.
By on 26-04-2012
I am surprised when observd that Hyundai eon gives 22.6km/litre. Its is better car than alto k 10
By on 23-06-2012
Dude, I Guess LPG will be fine for few years and then your Car would give a lot of problem, because LPG generates some gases which spoil the engine at later time
By on 28-06-2012
i feel u can trust Maruti better that Hyundia
By on 28-06-2012
Go for i20.......
By on 13-07-2012
Skoda Fabia is also wonderful..
By on 26-07-2012
honda brio is best car value for money excellent performance SMOTH AND QUITE ENGINE
By on 06-08-2012
By on 06-08-2012
am fida on I20 sportz , and looking for petrol car, but people are telling its not worth buying I20 petrol car, Could anyone please suggest..
By on 05-11-2012
all small cars are good but tata has got the money for value for any of its segments it saves ur money which compensate ur fuel efficiency ,best in comforts, boot space, leg space,look etc
By on 18-11-2012
I want to purchase a car range up to 7 lakh in petrol, which is the best one ,suggest me IMMEDIATLY. IS POLO HIGHLINE IS GOOD OPTION OR NOT?
By on 15-07-2013
what about Wagon R 2013. I bought it just. company claimes 20.51km/L. isn`t it true.
By on 19-07-2013
Idiots....those numbers are not true mileage in city driving
By on 13-10-2013
That's true :)
By on 13-10-2013
good information & give upcoming hatch back cars features
By on 28-11-2013
Best miltez car bugget 4 to 5lac
By on 07-12-2013
which car is best for 5lakh, max driving is 22000 km for year.
By on 10-05-2014
What about brio cars. Is it fuel efficient car?
By on 15-09-2014
What is the best fuel efficient petrol car, it must cost around 4lk?
By on 29-09-2014
is polo petrol highline a better option???????
By on 14-03-2015
I'm planning to buy a used car name indica price 150000 so advice me
By on 26-03-2015

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