Avoid distractions while driving a car to avoid fatal accidents

Unfortunately, car and other motor vehicle accidents is a day to day affair as they happen every day. Chance of people's death in car wrecks is higher than the airplane or train collisions. While train and plane accidents get whole lot of attention, car accidents go by without even being noticed sometimes.

In fact, an independent survey estimates say that a person under age 35 has higher risk dying in road accident than dying from any disease.

If that is not enough to shock us- about 95% percent of accidents and subsequent wrecks are due to the distracted drivers.

While new gadgets can really be a boon many ways, often times these inventions and the gadgets have been causative factors of distractions to a driver resulting in neglect in driving and accidents thereof.

If you don't want to take the face value of what I said above, just take time and stand along the side of a road (of course on a sidewalk) and watch all the passing vehicles. You will have shock of all your life for you will see variety of drivers who but do anything else other than concentrating on the road or being attentively - you will see them talk over cell phones, keep bending to switch on the radio, watch a movie on the DVD screen, eat a pakoda, light up a stick and smoke. And, if your day has been bad you will see a young woman driver putting up even a make up cake. These are the things you get to see especially in the morning when people madly rush to their work. Mind you their attention level already is lower than their usual for they are only half awake.

Stats say that driving distractions are contributing 1 in 4 of accidents and cell phone use, taking care of children and eating while driving have been the leading factors of distractions. If only we are going to take steps to contain the distractions and focus on what's very important when you are behind the wheel: driving, we can stop several accidents.

Cell Phone Use - Talking and Texting
Why should you become entrenched in a cell phone conversation that you forget you were driving? You are increasing the risk of you meeting with an accident by 400% (true) every time you use cell phone while you are behind the steering.

To drive safely is important than your cell phone conversation, so it is recommended that you keep the cell phone in the switch off mode. Else you can pull the car to the side to receive or make the call. Still better, take a hands-free set while driving

While a hands-free device helps you to focus on the road, it can be a distraction still and it's a debatable subject as to how much will the distractions reduce by using a hands-free cell phone as compared to holding the cell phone. It cant be stressed that it is best not to use one while driving.

Eating and driving? Come on keep your car clean and mess free
As you wake up late everything else gets delayed, and so you grab your mini breakfast while driving. What's the problem? Because eating while driving can be so much distracting; in particular say, when a thing from the pack falls on to say, hand brake and you wish to take it out. I don't want to run the story further as you know what could be the consequence. So have enough time to enjoy your food. But if you like to get a bite of your favorite in the confines of your car, just take it to the side of the road, park and then savor the food.

Conserve your words and talk little with your passengers while driving
While taking children with you keep them occupied and have their seat belts buckled to them and give them a story book or ask them to enjoy looking through window. Tell them firmly that they will not disturb you. Never get into any arguments with anyone while driving.

Set the car controls before the wheels start motion
See that you know where the controls exist and have them set before starting. Do not fiddle with the controls while driving as it can be extremely distracting.

Are the global positioning systems boon or bane?
While GPS systems are wonderful tools to guide you through your destination, they can also be distracting tools. Set your vision on the road and if possible buy a GPS that reads out the names of the roads.

Bills and they can result in fatal accidents
Billboards along the road contribute to several accidents, and you should never get distracted for these things. Do not look at them, no matter what ever is advertized. That's the best you can do because you can't ask for a bills-free road.

Every driver must have breached basic driving rules surrounding distractions for the simple reason that they drive so often, and for long that they don't consider it a dangerous.

Change your attitude while driving. Never become complacent of your driving. Do not ignore the hazards of casual driving which eventually disturbs the attention and increases the risk of accidents.

Even if you have been driving day in and out, take it seriously and do the job without getting distracted.

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