Is a car cover worth the price?

Have you ever asked yourself this question: Why does your new car need a cover?

You have invested hard earned money on your first new car. You would love to see it not losing on its new look shine for long. Wont you? A car cover is used to protect the car from harsh sun, fog, mildew, dirt, scratches, bird droppings, etc. so the paint finish on the car doesn't deteriorate fast and you are protecting your investment. If your office premises offer covered parking it's good news. Else you can still give it a covered parking by just covering the vehicle with a car.

Also it is not just exterior protection you get from using a cover, but when a quality cover is used even the interior fabric, vinyl and leather are safeguarded from fading off or cracking, and getting ruined.

Most people believe that putting the cover on takes a lot of time and it's a myth that drives them away to buy one. You will be surprised to know that most car covers today doesn't take so much time. Thanks to advanced CAD (computer drafting software) car covers today take typically a minute or a little longer to put on.

So now what vehicle cover suits the best for your vehicle? All vehicle covers are different and unique as they are designed to deliver specific jobs from being breathing ones to ones that give protection from heavy snow, heavy tarpaulin types to give it all-weather protection, so on and so forth.

There are a number of factors that affect your decision, however, the important being parking location of your car. Then you should decide what you need to cover the car from; dust, or terrible sun or water. There are several types of car covers available on the market. Following lines will help you get some tips on choosing the car cover that best suits your car.

Let us start with the material. The cover's material should be breathable, while it allows to give protection from heat, sun, snow, rain, acid rain, dings, scrapes, dust, rot, and mildew. Many cover brands use similar material and offer almost comparable performance. Therefore, a small research is good to ensure you choose the right material one. Other than from the research, you can also ask the retailer on the advantages of the cover before you make the buy.

Torn car covers and covers blown off by the wind may not have missed your eyes. Thin flimsy covers hardly can resist the wind. Never go for the cheap covers, for cheap is rarely the best.

Choose a reputed manufacturer who made a name for making superior quality covers. Check for the quality; whether the cover come with double-overlapping stitches or not. Then look for the neoprene elastic material if it is sewn to the rear and front hems so the cover stays in place. Remember good quality car cover also has reinforced non-scratch grommets. They should come with protective flap with a vinyl-coated cable, and then a lock for security.

Manufacturers produce car covers that are made for different purposes. Some car covers are designed to protect from general and common things that can damage or dirty your car. Other covers are aimed at protecting the car from other specific damages like extreme weather. Therefore, check whether the cover is well breathable or not. This can be done by checking if there is some moisture under it. Moist conditions can easily cause rot and mildew which will ruin the finish and even the paint in long run. It all comes back to the main question of where you would park your car. So, if you keep your vehicle in a dry garage, a lightweight dust cover will be just good enough, but if it is outside in a parking lot, an all-weather car cover will give your car the best protection.

Other factors that you need to consider are the post-purchase issues: storage and maintenance of the cover. Do you wash the cover by your own or you wish to take it to a professional car cover cleaner? If not, where are you storing it? These are questions to answer in assuring the car cover will remain well maintained. One last word is just go for any good covers that will help you protect your car which will give you a bigger return than what you have spent on buying one.

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