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Tips to parking and parallel parking

Ever wondered how often people are fined at the parking lots? The figures will be a lot than you could have ever thought of, in fact. But wait, we don't intend to scare you or de-motivate you if you are one poor driver. The following lines could help you with some tips to park your car without too much of a hassle.

With the crammed roads and 'No Parking' bills to find to proper place for parking itself is not an easy job. That said there are good chunks of parking lots and a lot more springing up to ease the roads off parked cars.

Even when there is ample parking space, there are people who'd fail to park their car with ease. Simply put: common sense and good judgment account for safe parking and if you have failed to do you have problem with sensing and/or judgment. Needless to say, there are some (read: awesome people) who'd go by the rules, but naturally. However, on the other side of the coin we have our motorists who spool through the parking lot, because they think this is the safest way to make the moves.

At the parking lot scene, a lot of drivers have a peculiar mindset. Let's say for instance, you (read: driver) are glazing through the parking lot area, your motive is to have your car parked on the free space. And then, unexpectedly, you can see some random guy in action who wants to tow his car in the space that you have been eyeing for. You do understand the situation, right?

It's not just you, or the drivers in general, but even the pedestrians are put at the risk on these very parking lots - especially, the kids who are fluttering around the cars parked at the parking lot. So, the result is, either everything is fine, or accidents happen just because you wanted to tack in your car in the free space.

That being said, there are definitely easy ways to get out of all this. Finding a safe parking place isn't that hard. Moreover, you should be actively engaging yourself in driver seat and looking 360 degrees around your car just to make sure things don't turn out ugly. Remember that the slower you drive, the better will be your chances in perfecting the parking skills.

Often try to seek out a place where only a fewer cars are parked. Here's why:
*Your car is guarded from the dins
*Your car will be safe, and it is much easier to spot your car when you are back
*Lesser chance of your being attacked or nabbed by purse lifters or mischievous blokes

Also, keep these tips around with you, for you may need them:
*Make sure you know the place, do not just park it in anywhere, especially during the nights
*Just be sure the car is locked in and out
*To be in the safer side always make sure to take all your valuable items with you and never leave them in the car
*Check your back seat and make sure everything is intact
*Once locked, look around to make sure there are not blokes eyeing on your car. In that case, it is better to take your car elsewhere
*Of course remember the place you have parked your car, just remember it in your own way
*If you spot a security guard around, ask him to look after your car. Pay him when you return!

Easy parallel parking tips
1. Take the car up next to the one you want to park behind.
2. Keep your car in reverse.
3. After the rear wheels of your car passed the rear bumper of that car you have chosen to park your car behind then turn your steer towards the curb.
4. The back of the car should enter the parking area.
5. After the front of your car clears rear bumper of the car you intend to park behind, steer the wheel the opposite way to swing the front end of the car in.
6. Then look for adjustment of your car's position; however it should pull your car to the parallel parking place almost perfectly.

Keep doping it often to attain perfection. Going to empty parking spots and practicing helps a lot. Once you achieve near confidence do give practice by visiting moderately crowded parking spots.

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