Car Safety features and Passenger Protection

About 8 million cars are made in India every year and the market is growing like never before, the increased buying of cars has led to increased road traffic and road accidents too. India has a nasty distinction of having highest (in number) road accidents leading to over 130,000 deaths a year. While there are several factors for the road accidents, it is good to have a car that has security features loaded.

Modern day cars as in these days come stuffed with safety and standard comforting features, thanks to the growth of the car industry over the years. If you are going to install safety features on your car then certain measures like bonding to an insurance company can offer you some benefits and discounts, for these features add to safety of the car, your eventual premium might come down or you have a chance to avail of a waiver as a bonus and thereof. In reality it is the role played by the insurance companies to up the security features in the cars.

Here, we'll see some of the general facts and information on the latest safety features available for the latest car models:

Air Bags
Easily one of the important safety features, these are the latest innovation and Indian cars lately are coming with the driver seat air bag as standard and driver and passenger seat air bags for extra price. It has undoubtedly become a must-have security feature for your car. Designed for critical (read: head-to-head collision) situations, the air bags are effective to save yourself during crashes, especially guarding the head, face, and the chest (rib cage part) from any form of an injury unless otherwise it happens to be very heavy impact. The air bags are basically bags that are stored in the steering wheel (for driver) and dash for passenger, and when a collision happens the crash sensors hint the air bags which get inflated with air and deploy around the persons to form as air cushion so the impact gets reduced and so the injuries too. The crash sensors require just about 1\20th of a second to hint for the air bags to be deployed. Needless to say, the air bags provide very high-level safety for the car drivers.

Of course the earlier mainstream media, especially the newspaper, had a lot to write about the harm involved with the air bags. But with the advent of technology, the modern day air bags occupy lesser space and are built to avoid gruesome injurious possibilities. Still, parents should always make sure that their younger ones are seated in the back seats and not in the front.

Active head restraints
All of the modern cars are equipped with head restraints tools to avoid the drivers from head injuries. These days most of the vehicles have head restraints for their rear seats as well. For pursuing the right function, these head restraints are to be positioned the right way. You can avail them from the stores if your car doesn't have the head restraints.

Car safety belts
These are definitely quite common. All the cars have these safety seat belts that should by default be tucked by the driver as well as the passengers. It is actually a good habit to have the safety belt on while driving. You can replace if the belts are loosened, or use an adjustable safety belt to feel better and at comfort while driving.

Anti-lock Brake system (ABS)
Sudden brake may sometimes lock the operation which may cause skidding of the tyres. Because of this the anti-lock brakes were put in the works. And the outcome is the new system which pumps the brakes automatically through computer sensing. This said, make yourself aware of the fact that the breaking style depends on the kind of brakes your car offers. Also, as a matter of fact, most of the anti-lock brakes use the hard-breaking formula.

Tyre pressure monitor system
This technology alerts the driver with an indication that the tyre pressure is not sufficient. While a tyre blow out won't be life threatening to people in the car, it can at least hint the driver to have the tyres properly inflated to prevent a blow out.

Built-in or child-safety seats for children
The built-in seats for kids are actually a new feature in India although it is a rule in the West. And as the name suggests, it offers seating arrangement for your kids so as to offer great protection to your child from danger/s. The seat uses forward facing with full harness although seat is part of the car. But people can have it as an add-on if your car doesn't come with one as in Indian cars we don't have this as an offer. You can get them from automobile service centers and get additional information from the latest auto magazine regarding the same.

SUV's safe?
If you plan to buy yourself an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), always know that these small SUVs roll over much more than most of the ordinary cars out there. Besides, you should know that the safety standards are quite difficult to follow for the SUVs.

Size of the car
Protection gets reduced in a small-sized car. Most of the times, car crashing is likely to happen to a small car than the standard ones - although this highly depends on the capabilities of the driver and the driving style. But always play safe, ride slower and make sure to ride with discipline.

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