Chemical Guys: Care for your car?

More than a brand it's a lifestyle

Chemical Guys is a global manufacturing company specializing in the highest quality car care chemicals, 40 years and still holding high it's name in the automobile detailing market. You name any product that you need for your car to shine bright, soaps, shampoos, polish, wax and sealants. The base of the company is in Southern California and has it's products spread worldwide.

The car wash products are designed and manufactured by qualified people for professionals, Chemical Guys manufactures and offers the widest assortments of auto wash, car wash shampoos and presoaks to degreasers and accessories. To start always wash your vehicle from the top down. Get a nice fire hose nozzle or pressure washed and remember to rinse often. This reduces the chances of getting your wash mitt or sponge contaminated. The bottom of the car is considered to be the direst part of the body of the car, so it is considered to be done last. Once that part is done, dry the car with the Chemical Guys Microfiber towel, using a speed dryer along would help to get to those tight spots where water could be caught up in. There are different car wash kits available from Chemical Guys.

Chemical Guys

If your car has some scratch/swirl on the paint then the Chemical Guys Paint Correction, Polishes and compounds would help to get the scratches entirely unseen or it help to blur it to some extend. As claimed the scratch clear products are the most sold products, as every now and then people tend to get a small scratch on the vehicle they drive. The polishes work very well giving the car's body a glossy look, it is different from getting waxed though. There are a few kits that are available in this category too and they vary in prices. Well this can be done by yourself, but most preferably if your taking up this task for the first time then it would be good if you consider taking help from any of your nearest detailing garages. Whether you have a show car or your driving a daily car looking at it's best, learning about the detailing process will ensure that you are getting the most out of your time and money.

Chemical Guys Citrus

When it comes to car care and quality car wax then you have the best offered from Chemical Guys, there are a wide range of products and they all are of the best quality. Applying car wax or a sealant regularly will extend the life and beauty of your vehicle's paint. This not only makes the car a beauty, but also protects the paint from getting affected by UV rays, environmental pollution and moisture. Waxes are generally made with carnauba and other waxes. Waxes offer protection and a wholesome shine. Paint Sealants are easy to apply and it leaves a long-lasting high gloss shine. In the photo given below, it shows a vehicle with a wax job done.

Chemical Guys Car Waxed

As for the last it's the microfiber towel that finishes the job by drying your vehicle smoothly without any small bit left on the car. These are towels that serve only one purpose which is to dry a car. Microfiber cloth is a synthetic knit fiber consisting of very small threads, the cloth is both soft and abrasive at such a micro level that you can feel it. Since it is made of so many small fibers, it is very absorbent. Since it's synthetic, it holds dust, dirt and bugs well, it rinses off even better leaving it just in a wet, but not in a soaked state. Well that is about it, there are a wide range of products and they are available in different levels. The Chemical Guys products are available in most detailing shops and to some extend they offer their servicemen to do the job for you. Prices might be high, but it's worth it and some garages offer a warranty or a three year service to do the waxing process again.

Chemical Guys Products
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