Chrome Wrapped – Economical Body Work

Motormind Automotive Designs, is one of the reputed companies that perform this customization in India.

Motormind is developed and structured with a vision to provide designing solutions on par with the automotive society’s worldwide standards. The main head to this venture, which boosts the country's interest in customization and tuning of automobiles is a graduate from the Coventry School of Art and Design in the UK, which is one of the most reputed design schools listed in the world amongst the rest. By the work that the garage does, it is evident that the bunch of professionals working at Motormind Automotive Designs are devoted to designing and developing styling concepts for cars and at times bikes too, by visualizing through sketching, 3D modeling and prototyping are other methods. The company has claimed to be the first to launch the 'Matte' finish trend in India. Well this might be true to some extent, that 'Matte' became known to people. Customization is an art and ample mount of patience is required to complete the process. It is just the same as building a car from scratch, you'll have to figure out what looks good on the particular make of the car and regarding the technical features, extra hp can be added, but you would have to see to the other features which help the car in achieving that speed are also changed for example the tires, braking systems and so on. At Motormind they mainly focus on the exterior customization of the car and interior, under the hood are seldom demanded by customers.

The designing company have worked with different luxurious brands and made it in to exotics that earns immense spectators on the street. They even have some concept sketches that they are hoping to work along with the other cars work that come by their garage. Out of all the matte options, most customer prefer the chrome customization for the exterior. Chrome has become one of the most popular metal surfaces and also used in car accessories.

Chrome Wrap Red Audi A6

Chrome plating, defined as the technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object, it is done to make the vehicle more aesthetically pleasing and durable by making it corrosion resistant and increase surface hardness. Most customers do the wrap thinking its the ultimate in vehicle paintwork art, the quintessential way to make your vehicle stand out in a line-up. After its all art, so the artist is the one that customizes the vehicle and the customer is the person who has the heart for art and has a visual ideology of how the car should be, so interacting with the artist who knows how to perform can help in making a soothing product.

Chrome Wrap Gold Mercedes Benz C63

The prices to do a vinyl work or the attractive chrome wrap, you'll have to shell out some ₹20,000. That's just basic costs, as your demands rise step by step the cost too jumps along, but after the work there would definitely be a smile along the customers face and the money spent would be worth for the work.

Chrome Wrap Metal Chevorlet Cruze

Image courtesy: Motormind Automotive Designs
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