Modifications That Beef Up Your Car

Tuning a car isn't simple, its a state-of-the-art process in which a lot of time and patience is necessary.

To modify your car for better performance costs money and time and requires a great deal of knowledge. Car power is determined by the amount of air and fuel burned. When it comes to the styling part of the car, the cost is lesser than to the cost of the modification of the transmission and all. When it comes to adding extra horsepower to the car, the first and most part of the car which should be changed is the shoes. The car must be a given a new set of bigger tyres, which obviously the company that has taken up the car for modification will look into, but suggestions can be given and so when dealing with tyres, you should opt for Bridgestone, Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin. As there are different variants under these brand names, consult a tyre expert and you'll know which tyre is advisable for the road your about to take. There are many other brand that would be presented throughout this article that will help you get the best to make over the car to the best.

Engine Modifications

Researching about quality products used to perform the process of internal engine tuning modification is preferable. As the process of engine tuning can make your car perform at outstanding speeds, it is always advisable to drive at locations that are suitable for the power your car delivers. Tuning an engine takes deviations accordingly, if your car is a diesel variant there is a different process that the car undergoes, the same happens if the car is a petrol variant. Aside from pushing the accelerator pedal harder there are some basic things that can be done.

Engine Modification By Mansory

The internal combustion engine works on the principle suck, squish, bang, blow. The more efficiently it can burn the fuel and the more fuel it can use the better, the power output will be. Items which are used for internal engine tuning modifications are high compression pistons and low compression pistons. Not all engine modifications are effective, they differ from car to car, in such cases other add-ons would be necessary.


This is where the tyre modification process takes place, along with different other processes. Handling mainly deals with the way the car performs, particularly during cornering and swerving. It also includes their directional stability when moving in a steady state of condition. Automobile suspensions have many variable characteristics, which are generally different in the front and rear and all of which affect handling. In general, softer rubber, higher hysteresis rubber and stiffer cord configurations increase road holding and improve handling.

Car Tyre Handling Modification

Aerodynamic forces are generally proportional to the square of the air speed, therefore car aerodynamics become rapidly more important as speed increases. Aerodynamics have become an area of increasing focus by racing teams as well as car manufacturers. Advanced tools such as wind tunnels and computational fluid dynamics have allowed engineers to optimize the handling characteristics of the car's during the modification process. Upgrade your tires to make sure the new power that has been added to the car, can make it to the ground without unnecessary wheel spin and over/under or torque steer.


It is a system of car accessories connecting the engine to the wheels. Suitable torque or turning force, is generated by the engine only within a narrow range of engine speeds, which is rates at which the crankshaft is turning. While its speed is held roughly constant, the engine turns an input shaft on the transmission whose output shaft can be adjusted to turn the wheels at an appropriate speed. When it comes to buying a transmission, quality highly matters.

Car Transmission Modification

Getting the most out of your vehicles engine, you should do your best to ensure drive safety. The simplest transmissions are manual transmissions and consist of a system of interlocking wheels. Those with automatic transmissions, select an appropriate gear ratio without any operator intervention. Primarily using hydraulics to select gears, depending on pressure exerted by fluid within the transmission assembly.


In this segment the total outer look of the car gets transformed into a much meaty look. The stylist responsible for the design of the exterior of the car develops the proportions, shape and surfaces of the car. Exterior design is first done by a series of digital or manual drawings. Progressively, drawings that are more detailed are executed and approved by appropriate layers of management.

Car Styling Sketch

Even as recent times 3D facilities are used for the designing purpose, the clay model which is also used now, is till the most important tool to evaluate the design of a car and there used through the industry. The stylist responsible for the design of the car's interior develops the proportions, shape, placement and surface for the instrument panel, seats, door trim panels, headliner, pillar trims, etc. Here the emphasis is on ergonomics and the comfort of the passengers.
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