10 Practical Vehicles That Cost Below ₹20Lakhs

Finding a vehicle within your budget a tough task? Here are a few vehicles that are priced reasonably, which should help half your problems.

Buying a car is a dream for many, but a reality for a few. At times the main confusion for people who are in the planning process of purchasing a new vehicle, is which one to choose from the various makes available in the market. As the automotive industry in India is one of the largest automotive markets in the world. Compared to the past, where people had only a handful of choices to buy a vehicle, nowadays most of the international brands have entered in to the Indian automobile market and have been doing some pretty impressive sales. While a person plans to buy a car in a normal case he/she first decides on which brand's product to acquire, after that process is done with, then comes the budget of the person. In such cases its always advisable to pre-plan and lay out options which consists of 3 or 4 other brand names, so when your on the budget phase you can easily opt from the available options which match your budget plan. We have sorted out a few practical vehicles that could be bought and their costs are neither expensive nor cheap, but neutral.

Renault Fluence

The modern styling and on-board technologies of this three-volume saloon car, which is poised to continue the model's international career, it has been designed to matched the needs of its customers as closely as possible. There has been a new version of the Fluence featuring Renault’s new styling identity. The LED daytime running lights and chrome/gloss black inserts also contribute to the look of the vehicle. Its front end is the same as that of the brand's other new models, with a vertically-set logo at the center of a broad black strip picked out by chrome beading which provides the car with a dynamic stance. The design of the interior is also more modern, including digital instrumentation for all the variants. The cabin is roomy as ever and has been enhanced by the use of new upholsteries for segment-topping comfort. There are numerous driver-aid technologies beefed up in the car such as, hand-free card with remote control locking, front and rear parking sensors, automatic parking brake, these are essentials in the present which are demanded by city motorists. At the higher-end range, the Fluence features a major innovation in the form of the Renault R-Link multimedia system which will provide connected services and is ideally suited to motoring use thanks to its touchscreen display and voice command. Renault R-Link incorporates the navigation system and telephony function and can be connected to portable music players. A choice of engine variants ideal for motoring in built-up areas are also available.

E2 D(Diesel)14.73Lakhs

E4 D(Diesel)16.31Lakhs

Renault Fluence

Force One

Force Motors has recently entered into the personal vehicle arena with the launch of a genre leading SUV, the Force One. This SUV is sturdy, sporty, offers outstanding power and its ruggedness is an ideal vehicle for the Indian terrain. The SUV provides new age comfort and convenience features like driver information system, cruise control, audio controls mounted on to the steering wheel, dual AC vents for each row. Along with these, the SUV also has electrically operated OSRVM with side indicators and plush leather seats. The interior panels of the vehicle have a wood finish giving it an elegant and sophisticated look. The ride and handling has been finely tuned by Lotus Engineering UK. 16Inch alloy wheels followed by an impressive ground clearance give it a formidable road presence. The Power Train is made under license from Daimler AG Germany. The engine capacity is 2.2 liters with complete vehicle and the on board electronics that is audited and validated by Mercedes-Benz Technologies. The turbocharged heart of the Force One, the 2.2 FM Tech Engine, beats faster than anyother SUV in its segment. Incorporating the latest technology, this high power to weight ratio engine with a top speed of 160Km, makes driving the Force One a thrilling experince. 4 variants available, with each fluctuating in costs.

SX 7 Seater(Diesel)11.70Lakhs

SX (Diesel)11.78Lakhs


LX 4×4(Diesel)14.02Lakhs

Force One

Skoda Octavia

The new Octavia is what its predecessor was, and a whole lot more. It is a symbol of the company's unrelenting passion to create the perfect luxury sedan. The perfectly chiseled body and crisp lines of the Octavia make a bold and unforgettable statement. The sharp Tornado line emphasizes the powerful appearance of the Octavia, stretching the car visually and emphasizes its coupe-like silhouette. Sharp lines mark changeovers in the surface areas, creating another reference to crystalline design. The line required for this effect runs from the front of the vehicle all the way to the back and ends in the reflector element of the rear bumper. It comes with Bi-Xenon headlamps, Electronic Stability Control, a panoramic sunroof, brand new touchscreen audio system. The Skoda Octavia comes equipped with two new alloy wheel variants. The Velorum 16inch alloy wheels which is available on Active variant and the Minoris 16inch alloy wheels which is available on the Ambition and Elegance variants. Clean styling, timeless elegance and above all, lots of space, such are the concepts that are evident in the interior of the Octavia. Each Skoda stands not only for spaciousness, but also carefully selected materials and precise fit and finish, and the Octavia is no exception. The vehicle is available in four variants.

Ambition 1.4 TSI(Petrol)15.68Lakhs

Ambition 2.0 TDI CR(Diesel)17.31Lakhs

Ambition 2.0 TDI CR AT(Diesel)18.31Lakhs

Elegance 1.8 TSI AT(Petrol)18.98Lakhs

Skoda Octavia

Ford EcoSport

Ford continues its Kinetic design philosophy which it has continued giving to the Fiesta, the Figo and the present EcoSport. The lower grille dominates the front with chrome that surrounds it. The headlamps on either side of the narrow upper grille truly look good on this sub-4 car. The best part of the EcoSport are the tail-lamps, which look truly amazing. The seats are comfortable and the material used adds to the premium attitude of the vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with standard features like climate control, 16inch alloy wheels, steering mounted controls, six airbags and SYNC multimedia system which makes the controlling of the audio system, phone and other features very simple. Award winning three-pot engine which goes in to the EcoSport develops 123hp and 170Nm of torque. The 1 litre EcoBoost engine makes the EcoSport a practical cruiser than a fun-to-drive car. Mated to a five-speed manual gearbox, the EcoSport does sprint when you want it to and that makes it a good proposition. The Ford EcoSport has six petrol variants and four diesel variants which it is available in.

1.5L Petrol Ambiente MT – 6.75Lakhs

1.5L Petrol Trend MT – 7.70Lakhs

1.5L Petrol Titanium MT – 8.70Lakhs

1.5L Petrol Titanium AT – 9.72Lakhs

1.0L Petrol EcoBoost Titanium MT – 9.14Lakhs

1.0L Petrol EcoBoost Titanium (O) MT – 9.70Lakhs

1.5L Diesel Ambiente MT – 7.88Lakhs

1.5L Diesel Trend MT – 8.60Lakhs

1.5L Diesel Titanium MT – 9.60Lakhs

1.5L Diesel Titanium (O) MT – 10.20Lakhs


Nissan Sunny

The all new Nissan has given its acclaimed sedan a step up in terms of premium, distinctive styling, class-leading space and comfort features. The model's sleek and smooth silhouette is further accentuated by a premium front end with bigger and bolder grille, boomerang-shaped headlamps and an all-new bumper. New fog lamps with chrome finishers and generous chrome highlights in the grille surround and front bumper lower lip give the car an impressive identity. The rear end also gets the premium touch with well designed, flared bumper, black diffuser cladding, chrome trunk garnish and a short antenna at the rear end of the roof. The changes are not limited to the exteriors but continue on the inside, adding to the functionality and comfort of the spacious interiors. An enhanced dashboard with piano black finish center console and Bluetooth-enabled premium audio lend a richer feel. XV variants gets a 5.1inch display for the audio system, which also doubles up as a display for the rear parking camera. The new Sunny also gets an all-new steering wheel with integrated audio and telephone controls. The sunny is equipped with safety features such as; ABS, EBD and Brake Assist is standard across all variants as is the driver airbag, while a passenger airbag is available from XV grade onwards. Nissan Sunny is available in three petrol variants and five diesel variants.



XL CVT(Petrol)8.91Lakhs

XE D(Diesel)7.99Lakhs

XL D(Diesel)8.60Lakhs

XV D(Diesel)9.33Lakhs

XV D Premium(Leather)(Diesel)9.80Lakhs

XV D Premium(Safety)(Diesel)9.60Lakhs


Skoda Yeti

Its typical off-road design features mark it out as a self-confident and assured companion in an everyday life as well as for special tasks. But the fifth Skoda model line nevertheless bears attributes typical of the brand and gives the new compact SUV a clear family identity. From the grille lines run up to the bonnet, loosening up the surface and finding their visual counterpart in the interior center console. Large headlamps, fitted far up, provide Skoda Yeti with character, lending the front end a friendly look. The split fog lamps and their narrowed rectangular design underline the Skoda Yeti's uniqueness. The corner lights are intended for gradually illuminating the area around the front corners of the vehicle. They illuminate blind spots by lighting the space the car is about to turn in to. This improves visibility for the driver while parking in tight spots too. The side view is dominated by clear and serene lines, while the distinctly projecting wheel arches and wings confer on the compact SUV, unique character and the lower body protective panels are classic hallmarks of a vehicle with off-road capability. The Yeti has been intelligently designed to afford the best possible view from the car, irrespective of where you are seated. The ample glass surfaces along with aptly shaped A-pillars ensure a near panoramic view of the terrain outside. The Yeti also comes with a well designed dashboard and a central console wit wood design decor. The Yeti is available in just two variants.

Elegance 4×2(Diesel)18.99Lakhs

Elegance 4×4(Diesel)22.36Lakhs


Toyota Corolla Altis

The new Corolla Altis comes with a revolutionary new style, luxurious and comfortable interiors and a dynamic performance. The diesel and petrol variants get advanced and dynamic exteriors and luxurious interiors. The new stylish grille, LED headlamps, LED Clearance Lamps along with New 16inch Alloy Wheels adds to the Dynamic and Keen Look of the vehicle. The luxurious interiors create an advanced and refined atmosphere. The plush leather seats, dual tone color interiors and cyber carbon piano black instrument panel cluster provides a rich feel. The new Corolla Altis is equipped with an array of luxury features, push start/stop button, smart entry, rain sensor, paddle shift, rear power socket. New generation 7inch touch screen, one button operation and voice command capable audio. The Corolla Altis is viewed as a luxury car in India. The new Corolla Altis comes with best in class cabin space with rear reclining seats. The rear seat leg room has been increased by 100mm due to the increase in wheelbase. The tyres have been placed closer to the corners increasing the space between the passengers placed at the back of the car. To enhance the driving experince the All New Corolla Altis also incorporates many fun-to-drive qualities. The petrol variant is available in both super CVT-i with 7 speed sequential and paddle shift, as well as 6 speed manual transmission. This will enable a smooth change in gears and a better control over the car with more gear options, excellent drivability and class leading fuel economy. The low to mid speed range torque and high speed range output provides smoother acceleration in high traffic and greater acceleration on highways. The vehicle is available in a petrol and diesel variant further classified into five petrol variants and four diesel variants.

1.8 J(S)(Petrol)13.06Lakhs

1.8 G(Petrol)14.58Lakhs

1.8 G(Petrol)15.88Lakhs

1.8 GL(Petrol)6.22Lakhs

1.8 VL(Petrol)17.73Lakhs






Hyundai Creta

It is one of the toughest and strongest SUV's in its segment. Creta is designed with strong 'Hive Structure' body shell that denotes high structural strength, stability and sturdiness. The ring shaped frames applied at the B-Pillar, C-Pillar and engine bay helps to achieve high body rigidity, improved durability and crash performance. The ring frame structure realizes a significant increase n body stiffness, which contributes to more precise handling while maintaining excellent ride quality. The Creta portrays strong road presence and perfectly embodies the aggressive stance of an SUV in its own style. The triple slat chrome radiator grille makes a bold design statement while the smoothly creased hood, lines projector headlamps integrated with LED positioning lamps, vertical fog lamps, sporty stylish skid plate and dual tone front bumper enhance the vehicle's stylish and distinctive SUV character. Rising belt line with slopping roofline along with dynamic character lines bring a sporty and aerodynamic appeal to the side profile. The rear profile showcases a stylish dual layered step tailgate with impactful crease lines. Premium interiors are achieved by combinations of high-grade materials. Creta interiors feature well cushioned and comfortable seats with optimum thigh and back support. The dashboard with its futuristic water flow inspired design and smart ergonomic contours make the cabin environment pleasing and enjoyable. Creta uses next generation infotainment system for effortless connectivity for all gadgets and devices. The capabilities of the Creta are driven by a range of refined, powerful and efficient petrol and diesel engines which have been tunes for best performance and high fuel efficiency. The vehicle is available in a petrol and diesel variant, further classified in to eight diesel and three petrol variants.

1.4 CRDI L(Diesel)9.6Lakhs

1.4 CRDI S (Diesel)10.6Lakhs

1.4 CRDI S PLUS(Diesel)11.6Lakhs

1.6 CRDI SX(Diesel)11.8Lakhs

1.6 CRDI SX PLUS(Diesel)12.9Lakhs

1.6 CRDI SX OPTION(Diesel)13.8Lakhs

1.6 VTVT L(Petrol)8.7Lakhs

1.6VTVT S(Petrol)9.7Lakhs

1.6 VTVT SX PLUS(Petrol)11.3Lakhs


Volkswagen Polo GT TSI

The GT badge on the front grille places your Polo in distinguished company and identifies it as a true performer. Its just the difference in terms of power the exterior looks pretty much the same as the normal Polo. The only change that can be spotted is a rear spoiler dipped in black. The Volkswagen Polo GT is a supermini car produced by the German manufacturer Volkswagen since 1975. The Polo was introduced in India in 2009 and since then Volkswagen has had some aggressive sales done by its product. The car has received a few awards in a few categories, regarding its driving experince, accessories and user friendly experince. At the heart of the vehicle is a 1.2 TSI engine, which the company claims to denote to maximum power, minimum consumption. It dominates with a 105PS and 175Nm torque. It even boasts of a 7-speed dual-shift gearbox transmission. The automatic transmission and smooth gear handling in this refined piece of technology promises an exhilarating performance and unforgettable drive. There is also a second engine variant, a 1.5 litre TDI engine. A 5-speed gearbox, 105PS and 250Nm torque. When your car has power this formidable. There are some standard safety equipments, some trending entertainment loaded in the car to make you have a good driving experince. The GT is available in two variants the TSI as already mentioned and then there's a TDI variant.

GT 1.5 TDI(Diesel)8.6Lakhs

GT TSI(Petrol)8.6Lakhs


Mahindra XUV500

One glance at the New Age XUV500 and its captivating, cheetah-inspired styling breaks the mold of the ordinary. Upfront, the new static-bending projection headlamps with light guides embrace the bold and intimidating new stylish front grille. The addition of stylish black accents, bring alive the cheetah's unmistakable tear ducts. Enhanced further with sleek chrome accents and stylish new alloy wheels, the XUV500 has been completely overhauled. The vehicle is packed with advanced features, the New Age XUV500 offers cutting edge technology and features what most other car dream of. The new premium black and beige interiors redefine luxury. With its premium, new dual-tone interiors, beige leather seats and best-in-class 2nd row space, the cabin of the XUV500 redefines luxury. Beneath the hood of the New Age XUV500 is its improved dynamic torque which delivers driving pleasure on any terrain. It is powered by the powerful turbocharged 2.2 litre 140hp m-Hawk engine that delivers an impressive 330Nm of torque, allowing the XUV500 to sprint from 0-60Km in just 5.4seconds. The micro hybrid technology guarantees that it intelligently switched off the engine when not in use. The New Age XUV500 continues to offer best-in-class safety in the SUV segment. The vehicle is available in six diesel variants.




W8 AWD(Diesel)15.12Lakhs


W10 AWD(Diesel)16.20Lakhs

2015 Mahindra Xuv500
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