The Legal British Track Car Elemental RP1 2015

This mid-engined product is of a handful of ex-MCLaren employes

Elemental is a new start-up company staffed by the people of the motor-sport track. That explains as to why the drivers of the RP1 will be strapped to carbon-fiber racing seats. This lightweight car at it's heart bears the 450Kg RP1 which has a carbon-composite tube based on designs of race cars which is unique. This car contains a 2.0L Ford Eco-boost, when the car is put up on sale there would be another variant as the 1.0L three cylinder Eco-boost engine. The 1.0L engine which would deliver 180bhp, the lesser-powered one would be suitable for usage. Well this car is powerful in all means, and once accelerated in any gear it is evident. The claimed figures of this car is 2.8secs to get to 100Km and 6.4 to the ton. The 1.0L is also in an impressive time space which would be 3.2secs.

The carbon-fiber material plays a vital role, the RP1 which has a central carbon and aluminum tub with the four cylinder longitudinally mounted engine. Both the variants will be having a Hewland six-speed transmission, this would be the same found in a formula three vehicle. A limited slip differential and an alternative gear set are available as options for customers that wish to take their cars out to the track. The dashboard around the driver and the side occupant is to be designed in a sporty look, giving the driver a racer look. The dash also occupies a certain space where the driver of the car is alerted on the route being taken for a journey, data logging, a segment of the G-Force which is the G-load sensors and data deed straight from the ECU – Electronic Control Unit. All these specialized features do portray an ultimate sports car.

Elemental Rp1 Front

The rear part of the car has a slight look of the Pagani, which is mainly because of how the silencer has been placed. The ground clearance of the car is another impressive factor as it gives space for any speed breakers to pass through the bottom. The engine is neatly placed on the rear part of the car with less exposure. There are lots of features that resemble a formula car. Taking into note the steering wheel of the car it is similar to that of a formula car's steering wheel, with the green, red, orange, black nobs placed on it. The car doesn't have an over head cover, so if your driving your luckily to get featured in any of the social sites.

Elemental Rp1 Engine

As the Elemental company has stated that the production will commence soon and alongside will be a version powered by a 999cc Honda Fireblade engine. The alleged rival of the RP1 would be the Lotus which has newly announced a 450bhp, well they would preferably be described as natural rivals. The seating position of the RP1 definitely shows that the company is trying to do things different from the past history of lightweight sports cars. The claimed launch price of this car is £75,750 well that price tag is acceptable. Well a few works of polishing to be given and you'd be able to feel the Elemental RP1 on the roads soon.

Elemental Rp1

Elemental Rp1 Steering Wheel
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