The Honda S660 Roadster

Well if your in still in those good old S500, S600 and S800 days, then times have changed and it's the S660 for a change

A very high spirited Honda S660 Roadster is on the league and is expected to have a grand launch in 2016. Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Is a Japanese public multinational corporation, primarily known for it's automobile, motorcycles and power equipment. As Honda entered into the automobile manufacturing in the late 1960s, where Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan had been making cars before the WWII. It is evident that Honda introduced a different sense of doing things, the vehicle was equipped with new technology unlike it's Japanese competitors. This desire to approach in different ways was evident and led to some successful models being manufactured by Honda and the S660 the newest should create a stir in the automobile market.

The S660 by design is meant to be achievable and it surely is successful in doing that. It has some good curves to seduce a petrohead. Being a mini-car, this mid-engined roadster is a 660cc, three cylinder turbo which keeps it within the parameters of a special class of ultra-small subcompact in it's home market. Regarding the fact that it has a retractable roof, which in most cases is believed to add weight to the car, the mid-engined roadster weighs less than 2,000 pounds and 11.2 feet in length by measurement. The top speed of this car is clocked at 140Km/h, a six-speed manual and a 63HP output. As earlier statements of the officials at Honda they have stated that there would most probably be a special model which would be sold outside Japan, with it's handling developed in cooperation with Mugen. Mugen is a company that primarily tunes and races Honda cars in the Super GT championship, alternatively also sells aftermarket parts to amateur motor enthusiasts.

Honda S660

Respective of the fact that the S660 has tiny dimensions, the proportions are those of a fully fledged sports car. The wheels have a bulging out image, this is done purely intend. The front part of the car gives the typical impression that it belongs to the Honda family. When it comes to the side view of the car, a person can get easily into dismay and probably would start comparing it with other powerful sport car's. The two air intakes neatly placed and the turbine designed wheels evidently helps in giving the car a sporty appearance, but let this not deceive you petroheads. This car isn't far from one of those concept car's, but truly by it's personality it definitely means business.

Honda S660 Angle View

Being a convertible, Honda designed the interiors of the S660 to create a unity between the car and the driver, automatic air conditioning is standard along with the rear center glass that can slide up or down, which acts either as an air-deflector or a rear windshield. The digital speed-o-meter console would be the same as the American market civic, but would only differ on the area where it's placed. Well the co-passenger has quite about nothing to do, as that side is completely blank, so all the passenger needs to sit free and enjoy the breeze. The safety features of this car has gained admirers, it is equipped with I-srs airbags which absorbs the impact in a lateral collision. The S660 adopts the world's first internal pressure holding airbag system, which can hold internal pressure more than that of a conventional airbag system.

Honda S660 Speedometer

The rumored rival for the S660 would be the Smart Roadster, but it's been long since the company has stated it's launch and none has heard of it till date. Well it's tiny and it's cute and gives you a sports-car feel, with a $15,300 tagging along with the car,which is the expected tag for this miniature.

Honda S660 Engine
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