Knight XV The Hand-Built Armored Luxury SUV

V10 The Knight XV defines the future Ultra-luxurious SUV

Conquest Vehicles Inc's flagship vehicle, the Knight XV is a handcrafted, fully-armored SUV. Compare the Knight XV to the Hummer H2, you would find the H2 tiny, laughably petite next to the Knight XV. The Canadian based firm Conquest Vehicles designed this vehicle with the inspiration of the 'Gurkha Military Truck' and based on the underpinnings of a Ford F-350 truck. The Knight XV measures over six meters in length and tips the scale at five and a half tonnes, well the Knight XV is definitely BIG.

There is a clear explanation for the company to put that much weight on the vehicle as it can withstand almost anything. The Knight XV which was unveiled in 2008 at the SEMA- Specialty Equipment Market Association in Las Vegas. The term 'XV' stands for Extreme Vehicles, the vehicle to be manufactured takes approximately 4,000 hours to build in it's plant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The manufacturer offers upgrades and options including a built-in oxygen survival kit, under vehicle magnetic attachment detection system, multiple armor levels and a black box system. The Knight XV is armored using ballistic steel, with fiberglass fenders and bumper. The Knight XV sits on four ballistic run-flat tyres and the 20-inch rims are custom designed and engineered using a solid piece forged aluminum. The engine provides 325hp, while the diesel provides 300hp, performance packages are available for both the variants.

Knight Xv Angle

All the glass used in the Knight XV meet various ballistic levels and is certified by the US based HP White Laboratory Inc. Which is a highly regarded ballistics testing laboratory. The ballistic glass used in the Knight XV is manufactured by the leading manufacturers in the industry of ballistic transparencies. The team of designers and engineers work closely with the ballistic transparencies, to ensure that the glass module meets the standards as well as the tint level is also tested. The opaque armor is later on combined with the transparent armor, the highest quality, highest strength steel, ballistic aluminum, composites, aramid and ceramics are used in manufacturing the Knight XV's opaque armor. The firewall between the engine and the passenger offers protection whenever necessary. Due to the added weight of the transparent and opaque armor on the doors, the door hinges are reinforced using a proprietary system to avoid hinge failure. The vehicles that are sent in for testing are tested and certified and if by chance there is a rectification to be made, the company will be alerted and the necessary changes would be asked to be made as the testing agency demands.

Knight Xv Door Open

The vehicle consists of six seats, two in the front and four in the back. While two seats at the back face the front, the other two face backwards. Luxury carpets on the floor, leather, custom flat-screen television and TracVision satellite system, standard audio components and frequencies, overhead sunroof, night-vision cameras on the rear and the front. Well the interior portrays that is vehicle is very much larger than any other SUV and it can't get better, it has an optional intercom communication system and an automatic window-tinting system.

Knight Xv Driver Cabin

The buyers of this vehicle have the standard features built-in with the car and if they are selective they have an additional selective upgrade option list. The Knight XV is limited to 100 units and with a price tag of $629,000 you would most likely be comfortable admiring this mighty beast. Well if your planning on rising to fame and your considering on getting some protection try your luck with this beast.

Knight Xv Side
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