McLaren 675LT The Much Awaited Power

The most powerful and lightest model in the McLaren super-car series

The McLaren 675LT made it's debut in the 85th International Geneva Motor Show, with it's key features such as the light weight, optimized aerodynamics, increased power, track focused dynamics and driver engagement. Offered only as a coupe, the new 675LT was the most speculated vehicle at the show. The 'Longtail' nickname is attributed to the 675LT, being the first McLaren to be known by that name. The 'Longtail' was the ultimate evolution of the McLaren F1 GTR, the car which dominated the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1995. As with the 650S, the 675 makes use of a single-piece carbon fibre monocell and carbon fibre use in the vehicle is increased in order to make further minimizing of the weight and increasing vehicle rigidity. Being used as a track and road car, when up for sales it would be mostly driven on the road and highly qualified drivers have described the McLaren 675LT to be a road focused vehicle.

McLaren 675LT gets clocked at 2.9 seconds from 0-100Km and if your more of a focused driver then it's a believable 7.9 seconds from 0-200Km and then the needle just goes higher to 300Km which is the top end. The car is powered with a M838T 3,799cc twin-turbo V8 petrol engine, also used in the engine are revised turbocharger compressor wheels and an optimized fuel pump. Even though it looks similarly to a modded 650S a percentage of the car is effectively new. The 3.8l twin turbo has lighter connecting rods and camshafts, a re-profiled titanium exhaust system. Despite a more complex design, the bespoke crossover exhaust system is designed to optimize performance and reduce weight which it succeeds in doing. The 675LT is the lightest car in it's class and the power to weight ratio eclipses established rivals.

Mclaren 675lt Left View

The 675LT's front and rear track has been widened, to promote improved grip and overall agility and the height of the car has been reduced, so that gives way for air to enter at a more breezy angle. This in turn gets rid of the air at the back of the car and makes the rear diffuser work harder. The power of this vehicle is sent out through McLaren's seven-speed seamless-shift gear box, by seeking help of the driver to use the rocker paddles mounted on the steering wheel.

Mclaren 675lt Titanium Exhaust

The intentionally made driver focused cabin gives even further indication of track potential. A pair of ultra lightweight carbon fiber-shelled bucket seats, fitted by Alcantara. The seats are standard and modeled in those McLaren P1's, it provides comfort and support for the driver. Materials and colors used in the interiors are carefully selected. When people describe a sports-car interior they often describe it as an empty space, which is true some extend. The main highlights are on the looks and what's lies at the heart of the vehicle and if there is time after achieving 300Km speed on the car then they start describing about the interior.

Mclaren 675lt Steering Wheel

Sure you did fancy the McLaren 675LT! Shocking the 500 units that were made are sold out and the company has sticked to it's word, by limiting the production of the 675LT to 500 units. So the cost of this sold out product is £259,500 that's just the number on the tag once you start adding your customization's the cost gets higher, that is a mountain of money, but just extra information the 650S is still available for purchase and it's about some ten or twenty pounds cheaper than the 675LT.

Mclaren 675lt Seats

Mclaren 675lt Right View
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