The Track Toy of Mexico Vuhl 05: A Car For Those With A Racing Spirit

Looking for your ultimate track machine for the road, then here it is the Mexico branded Vuhl 05

The name sounds like some tablet, but it sure does look the size of a tablet through an image. If your on the verges of buying a track car to fulfill your dream of having a power track car to ride legally on the road then here you have 1. Well there are quite a few options at present while purchasing a track car, but all competing with one another, you'd definitely need to know what's driving these toys around, to buy one. The only thing which is essential for you to put on while driving one of them is a helmet, as most of them don't have a wind screen. Among the variety of brands of track cars, here's Mexico's effort in delivering a product the Vuhl 05.

The car first appeared in 2013, it may look different to the track car norm, but it's basics aren't alien. A Ford Ecoboost 2.0l turbo-engine is in and delivers 240 and 285bhp tunes, which is quite enough for this car to get clocked at 3.5 from 0-100Km top speed is 244Km The engine is placed behind the driver, powering the rear wheels through a six-speed manual gear box. The construction of this vehicle is based around an aluminum chassis tub, with plastic body panels as standard. If your opting for lighter bodywork, there's an optional carbon pack cutting. Which requires extra cash. Vuhl 05 stated proudly about having an aerodynamic profile, with a flat under body and a gaggle of splitters and that unsubtle rear spoiler aiding downforce.

Vuhl 05 Front

When the car is defined a super lightweight, it means 695Kg light, wonder if The Rock could pick it up a few cm from the ground. O.Z racing wheels, carbon bucket seats, titanium bolts and the chance to upgrade your body panels to pure carbon fiber. To know about details of how the car is performing on the road and other details while driving, there is a display screen situated at the center in-between the driver and the co-passenger. As the Mexicans are more concerned about the character of the car, they first preferred the engine of the Audi, but later switched to acquiring the Ford's engine, as the Audi's engine was too heavy to be fitted into the car. One of the GoPro's HD camera's are placed in a delicate space of the car, so when you begin a drive you press the record button and start dashing out.

Vuhl 05 Interior

Well it definitely creates rivalry with the Ariel Atom, Zeno's and a few more, but what makes this stand out would be something unique probably an individual could spot. It's evidently designed to take on cars mentioned above, by it's lightweight mainly, a bare-bone design, minimalist seats, no windscreen and even a racing style kill switch. Production of the Vuhl 05 isn't limited to a certain number as of now, the company would be looking forward to earning as much as they can. The label of this track toy reads £59,995, well this is twice the amount you pay to acquire an Ariel Atom which too bears similar power. So if fuel runs through your veins, engine noises as your alarm and you are madly in love with track cars then acquiring one of the Vuhl 05 would keep you at satisfied.

Vuhl 05 Side View

Vuhl 05 Rear
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