Lamborghini Egoista: Adding Fuel To Your Egos

Selfish Enough? Keep calm and read about Lamborghini Egoista

Be careful with what you mess with on the street. Another bull breed is yet to be unleashed and awaiting the 50th anniversary of it's Italian family Lamborghini. In Italian 'Egoista' clearly means 'Selfish'. According to the Designer Walter De Silva 'Egoista' is defined as it 'Represents Hedonism taken to the extreme'. The Lamborghini Egoista is a concept car, the fully functional model is based on the Gallardo. It features a 5.2 litre V10 engine delivering 600hp. It's not one of those attractive classics, but it certainly makes you stare at it for awhile unconsciously. Till this concept car was revealed, most automotive journalists found the Lamborghini cars to be very predictable. For sure when the images of the Egoista were out, it surely made a few blabbering mouths zipped. Well we can't help by saying that the Egoista is a selfish car, by being a one seater beast. The Lamborghini Egoista is as extreme as any of the other models, or precisely more extreme than the Veneno.

The unique design of the Egoista is loosely based on an Apache helicopter, no road lights are featured on the car instead it's LED clearance lights which replace them. Two front white lights, a pair of red lights on the rear, a red flashing light in the upper part of the tail, two orange bull's eyes as side markers and further adding two lights on the roof, red on the left and green on the right. The designer Walter De Silva has done a clean job, giving the car an entry into the exotic list. Walter and his designing team wanted the bull the iconic symbol of the Lamborghini family, to shine through the design, so the side flanks are there to represent a bull preparing to charge with the horns lowered. There's no aero on the top, so the flaps in the bodywork flip open and close automatically depending on driving conditions. A pair at the rear increases stability and a series on intakes on the back of the engine hood, purely to increase cooling for the V10.

Lamborghini Egoista Front

The body is made of carbon fibre and aluminum, using aeronautical-spec antiradar material and anti-glare glass too. The car is quite lowered and lengthy, adding to the masculinity look of the vehicle. You'd definitely need to take some theory classes from the company on how to operate this machine or reading the manual would help too, looks complicated on the inside, even though it's just meant for one person.

Lamborghini Egoista Rear

There's a single racing seat with a four point seat-belt and a head up display meter to explain as to what is going on, while driving. It is evident that the team has done a lot of research on fighter jet steering’s and designed one after all the homework. The door too, sorry there's no door's! So deal with that. It's got a pop up roof to give you the feel your riding in one of those fighter jets and imagining yourself to be a patriot fighter jet pilot. With no doubts you'll have to lay your foot on the seats and jump out of the car, for exit.

Lamborghini Egoista Ariel View

Well the designer himself has stated out publicly that, “It's as Ferruccio Lamborghini were saying, 'I'm going to put the engine in the back and I'm in no need of a co-passenger, I want it all for myself'”. At present the vehicle is on display at The Lamborghini museum located in north Italy. This car is purely a representation of what a stealth fighter car would look like.

Lamborghini Egoista Interior

Lamborghini Egoista Ariel View Body
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