Toyota Wants Its Cars To Fly

Toyota's Engineering team submitted a rather interesting design to apply for patent rights

Toyota, the Japanese Automotive giant, one among the leaders in manufacturing quality cars with distinct characters, and also making its presence known all over the globe, has now decided to take things to a new level. A level where the vehicle wouldn't touch the road! Yes, the iconic car manufacturer has patented its own design for a flying car, which might turn out to be quite crude for the liking but it has got the US government's approval, regardless.

Toyota Patent Wing

In the papers that were submitted to the government, the engineering department of Toyota in North America had come up with the design of a “stacked-wing system” - pretty much like the one the famous Wright Brothers wanted to build in their pursuit for better aircraft. Toyota's design features a drawing of a futuristic Edwardian-era car that gets mounted on top by stacked wings. Interestingly, the stacked wings retract or gets positioned in the right place by mechanisms that we're not sure how it manages to operate when the car is triggered for a take-off. It's easier to think of it like a convertible roof mounted on a hard-top. Quite a design, indeed.

Multi Stacked Wing Aircraft

Toyota probably has gone with the idea of more wings = more lift, however, we're not sure if it's going to work that way, considering the weight of the car and the complexity of the whole structure, keeping in mind the structural integrity that comes under question, besides the height of the entire contraption. Famous painter and thinker, Leonardo Da Vinci thought of something along the same lines but he never really managed to get off the ground. One of his examples was a human powered bird-like aircraft that flapped its wings, which came quite close to reality but then the Science Gods didn't approve of it.

Toyota Flying Car Patent Retracted

With the new Prius on the line, Toyota must probably be working on new solutions for a better future, or the engineering team in the USA watched too many episodes of the Jetsons; we will find out more as we know. Still wondering how this 'flying car'(?) will get itself flying though..
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Last updated on 08-09-2015. Published on 08-09-2015.
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