Volkswagen Unveils Sound Edition for Virtus and Taigun, Starting at Rs. 15.51 Lakhs

Enhanced Audio Experience Meets Style in Volkswagen's Latest Offering

In a recent move to enrich its car lineup, Volkswagen has introduced the Sound Edition for its popular models, Virtus and Taigun. Priced competitively, starting from Rs. 15.51 lakhs, this edition is set to revitalize the market with its unique blend of audio quality and design flair.

Volkswagen Unveils Sound Edition

A Symphony on Wheels: The Sound Edition

The Sound Edition variants, based on the 1.0L TSI Topline models, showcase an impressive array of new features. The highlight is undoubtedly the advanced audio system, complete with a sub-woofer, amplifier, and a specially-tuned system for an immersive audio experience. Additionally, the Sound Edition enhances the ambiance with electric front seats, innovative puddle lamps, and footwell illumination. The front speakers and C-pillar stickers bear the distinct 'Sound' branding, emphasizing the edition's theme.

Virtus Sound Edition

Striking Colours and Dual-Tone Appeal

Available in four appealing colours - Lava Blue, Carbon Steel Grey, Wild Cherry Red, and Rising Blue - these models cater to diverse tastes. The Taigun Sound Edition exclusively offers a chic dual-tone colour scheme featuring a white roof and matching ORVM caps, adding a touch of elegance to its robust design.

Performance Unchanged, Excitement Amplified

Under the hood, both Sound Edition models retain the reliable 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine, delivering 113.42 HP and a torque of 178 Nm. Customers have the flexibility to choose between a 6-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual transmission, ensuring a driving experience tailored to individual preferences.

Taigun Sound Edition

Competitive Pricing for the Sound Edition

The pricing for the Volkswagen Sound Edition of Virtus and Taigun is as follows:
Virtus 1.0LMTRs. 15.51 Lakhs
Virtus 1.0LATRs. 16.77 Lakhs
Taigun 1.0LMTRs. 16.32 Lakhs
Taigun 1.0LATRs. 17.89 Lakhs

This table offers a clear view of the different variants and their respective prices.

Volkswagen's Strategy: A Step Towards Market Domination

With the launch of these special editions, Volkswagen aims to create a significant impact on the sales of Virtus and Taigun. The combination of exclusive features and attractive pricing is anticipated to draw considerable consumer interest, reinforcing Volkswagen's position in the competitive automotive market.

Taigun Sound Edition Full Details

In Conclusion

The Volkswagen Sound Edition for Virtus and Taigun is not just a new car variant; it's a statement of style and audio finesse, packaged within the trusted performance of Volkswagen. As the market reacts to this launch, only time will tell how this symphony of features will resonate with car enthusiasts across India.
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