Bentley's Most Wicked, The Continental GT3-R

The GT3-R has made dynamic advantages over the V8 S

The British luxury automaker has come up with an evil machine this time, which has not lacked in it's luxury status nor in it's sporty attire. The new Continental GT3-R is inspired by the GT3, this vehicle would be limited in it's production and would be a very rarely seen vehicle as stated by the officials at the Bentley Motors Limited. Most certainly the Bentley and the Rolls-Royce are the most popular British luxury car manufacturers and they both exceed in style, power and quality. As both the beauties are handmade, they currently differ in ownership. While the Rolls-Royce is a private owned company, the Bentley Motors Limited is a subsidiary company, which is owned by the Volkswagen Group. Some of the notable Bentley former models include the Bentley speed six, Bentley R Type Continental, Bentley Turbo R, Bentley Arnage.

Well the GT3-R wouldn't be much compared to that of the Majesty’s, Bentley State Limousine which is the official state car for Queen Elizabeth II. Coming to the GT3-R, some people often drive and enjoy the luxury of the car, while the others believe that performance is the ultimate luxury. Well if you are in the second group then this car would definitely suit you. Bentley has introduced more carbon fiber, added a titanium exhaust pipe, Bentley has removed the rear seats of the GT3-R just to make it more lighter than the lightest Continental V8. The car has been lowered and by doing that the centre of gravity, it provides a tighter handling and fast cornering actions. The acceleration of any car reveals what lies under the hood, the vehicle has been shortened of it's 8 speed Quick-shift transmission and increased it's calibration to make gear shifts even quicker. The GT3-R goes to 100Km/h in just 3.8Seconds.

Bentley Continental Gt3 R

As the interiors of the vehicle are done by fine craftsmen at the Bentley Motors as always, the GT3-R hasn't been put away. The GT3-R cabin has made it evident that it belongs to the luxury family of Britain. With Alcantara and Beluga hide sport seats to hold you in place and gives you the safe feeling when seated in it. Luxury machine often tend to distract the driver of the road, but the Bentley has made the GT3-R to do it's best in restoring communication through hardware. The GT3-R doesn't have a convertible option like it's other siblings of the GT Series. The trademark created in each vehicle of the Bentley is the Breitling Swiss made watch, which is the only trusted watchmaker for inclusion in a Bentley's dashboard. As the makers of the GT3-R have mainly focused on the performance of the vehicle, they haven't ignored the interior they've done it simple and matches the standards of the previous models of the Bentley.

Bentley Continental Gt3 R Seat

Delivery of the GT3-R was set to begin in late 2014. Purchase of the car also included standard car servicing for four consecutive years. This Bentley breed is priced at $341,025, well it is big bucks than a base Continental V-8 S. The price is worth the ride for people who prefer performance over luxury and for people who prefer two in one. With the GT3-R out for sales, Bentley is getting ready to push it's boundaries again.

Bentley Continental Gt3 R Inside

Bentley Continental Gt3 R Limited Editon
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