Macan Another SUV of the Porsche

Think of it as a younger sibling to the Cayenne

The Macan certainly states it has some beef with the Audi Q5, by it's design. Being the younger sibling of the Cayenne, Porsche claims that it is the first compact SUV that's also a sports car. The Porsche Macan comes along in three engine variants – 254bhp V6 diesel and two V6 Petrol, 356bhp S and a meaty 349bhp full-fat turbo engine. Despite the Macan having near identical architectures to the Q5, the content and characteristics are poles apart. The Macan looks sportier, modern and aggressive, the Range Rover Evoque is another vehicle in the crossover that is apt to be compared with the Macan in terms of design. As the Evoque has no longer stylistic rights in the SUV market these days. Porsche known for it's excelling acceleration performance, has proved it in the Macan too.

As Porsche claims Macan doesn't quite serve up to the sports-car experience, but it's quite close. The top turbo engine variant is a quite impressive version of the Macan and it performs 0-100 in less than 5 seconds. While the Macan's ability to take corners at a reasonable speed is also an impressive factor. A neatly proportioned SUV unlike the Cayenne, the Macan clam-shell bonnet, the rear and front lights are inspired by the Cayman. Being a rival or a step-sibling to the Q5, Porsche's engineers are happy to reveal that they share around a third of their under-body components.

Porsche Macan Front And Rear

The Macan customers have given satisfying responses on the driving experience in the Porsche Macan, when inquired. For people who demand a comfort vehicle for driving long you have it, for people who demand power and ride along with their family or friends can also keep the Macan in their option list before entering into the auto market to purchase an SUV.

Porsche Macan Engine

The inside of the Macan is pure Porsche, even though it shares some similarities to the Audi. On the move, road, wind noise can't be heard, but there's V6 humming and if pushed a little the growling voice could be heard. The Macan is only available with a seven-speed double clutch transmission. Infotainment stuff is all beyond reach, the material used is the same as of the other Porsche breeds. The driving positioning and seats are very comfortable and lives up to this segment, for taller people it would be a problem, as they would find it hard to accommodate their long legs. Compared to the Cayenne's boot space the Macan is 500 liters, so it would be easy to fit in your camping/picnic chairs, luggage or your supermarket bags. The line up of buttons is another interesting feature of the Macan, the buttons might be confusing for the start, but would be on track after sometime. Remember the Macan behaves the way the driver sets the button of the drive mode.

Porsche Macan Turbo Interior

Being named after the Indonesian 'Tiger' Macan, this name truly suits this Porsche breed. The cheapest of the Macan would be the Diesel variant and the highest would be the turbo, well it's not a bad price. It is relatively priced close it's other rivals, the Audi Q5, BMW x3 and the RR Evoque.

Porsche Macan Turbo In
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