Noble M600 The 362km Rocket Ship

A Ferrari challenging super-car from the British brand Noble

'Perfection is a road, not a destination' states Noble the British sports car manufacturer. A low production British sports car company is what Noble is. Noble publicly tested an M600 prototype 2 in the USA, comparing it's performances to the Porsche Carrera GT and Ferrari Enzo. In 2009 Noble revealed the M600, the car which is believed to have taken the company into the hyper-car territory. The M600 featured on a few Top gear episodes and was road tested along with some famous branded cars. Belonging to a British region, it's sales are restricted only to U.K. With 650bhp available from it's built 4.4 litre V8 Yamaha twin turbocharged engine, the carbon fibre, light weight bodied car is aimed firmly at the highly established Ferrari and Porsche brands. When a model of the Ferrari rises on a debate, it often faces comparisons with the M600.

This would be a shocking fact for most of the petroheads, the engine of this rocket ship comes from the Volvo XC90. It is definitely fast enough, 0-100 in less than three seconds, 190km in 8.9 seconds and then if you wish to push it a little more 362km in 29 seconds you could feel more than the breeze. However with no ABS and no stability control, it takes no prisoners. The sole electronic aid is traction control to make sure you don't accidentally turn it off, the button is covered with a flip-up cover from a tornado fighter jet. Observing the road performance of this vehicle and viewing the details of the engine, anyone would start having speculations and would start comparing prices of the Ferrari's to the M600. While road testing this vehicle, many auto enthusiasts were astonished by the performance of this car and most people present on the track were deceived by the M600's appearance, but once it made some clean accelerations and some neat turn on corners, people started admiring it. There are three modes that the driver can put the car on, the road, track and race mode. Three modes deliver different performances.


Well if your a true petrohead and only opt for driving and detest entertainment put into the car, then this car surely lives upto you. This car could be defined as a simple performance car, rather like the Ferrari F40. There is no fancy touch screen displays, no steering consoles, this car goes the classic route nor like other brands who belong to the same genre. A tight set of bucket seats is what gives the driver confidence and holds the driver firmly to the seats. The gear box is of traditional style, with just a ball knob, holding it beneath is a skinny stick. This car on the inside will not be attractive, but don't get miss-judged. Once the accelerator is pushed, it transforms from those dull looks to the fastest on the road.

Noble M600 Interior

This rocket ship is priced at some $350,000. Some might think this car has a crazy price tag hanging along the car. There is quite nothing attractive about the car, but if your a real rider then this car is a don't miss specie, it's one of those rarely seen vehicles in the U.K.

Noble M600 Back
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