Toyota GT 86: A Rear Drive Sports Car

With a bargain price listing, it's identical to it's sister car, the Subaru BRZ

The performance isn't the main criteria of this vehicle, it's pure driving pleasure. A low center of gravity, optimized weight distribution and responsive 2.0 litre engine. These are the only ingredients that the vehicle needs to deliver pure excitement. Sculpted seats, a short gear shift and sporty dashboard make it more sensational. The 86 series of sports cars jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru and solely manufactured by the latter. It features a boxer engine, the boxer configuration is the only configuration that does not have unbalanced forces with a four stoke cycle regardless of the number of cylinders, as long as both banks have the same number of cylinders. They do not require a balance shaft or counterweights on the crankshaft to balance the weight of the reciprocating parts, which are required in most other engine configurations. Boxer engines tend to be noisier than other common engines.

Toyota GT 86 is a back to basics, rear-drive sports car with plenty of driver appeal. It shares the same details of it's sibling the Subaru BRZ except for the badge. A 2.0 lite engine, 197hp boxer engine and a six speed manual gear box. A six speed automatic is also available upon demand, but as per majority drivers who have driven the car have stated that it wouldn't do justice to the cars sporty nature. Well it isn’t the most powerful car in it's class, but the naturally aspirated engine is all over the floor begging to be revved and offers plenty of performance for keen drivers. The lightweight body and rear wheel drive layout makes it one of the best handling sports car in the market. GT 86 looks very exciting as it performs.

Toyota Gt 86 Front

The bold, aerodynamic styling is enhanced by a unique Toyota 'T' design pattern on the front grille. It's side profile features an exclusive '86' piston logo and 17inch alloy wheels. It's mighty appearance includes a rear spoiler, shark-fin antenna and chrome twin rear exhaust pipes. The cockpit is entirely driver focused, all the controls are within reach and the dashboard layout provides easy readability and visibility. Overall it's simple and not much complicated compared to some sports cars in the same genre.

Toyota Gt 86 Interior

The GT86 is designed to deliver pure driving fun. The power train has been set as low as possible and the engine far back to lower the center of gravity whilst optimizing weight distribution for great handling dynamics and a more exhilarating driving experience. With it's light weight body and a front mounted 200 DIN hp 2.0 litre, boxer engine combined with Toyota D-4S(Direct Injection 4-stroke engine), the GT86 delivers ample amount of power and torque. The spirit of the Toyota's sports heritage, represented by the legendary 2000GT, is infused in a tribute to timeless design. Toyota has stated that the GT86, is part of the next generation Toyota legendary sports cars.

Toyota Gt 86 Entertainment

Talking about rivals, the GT86 is rumored to be rivaling with the Audi TT, which isn't a bad comparison. The GT86 is sold in Europe and in Asia, South Africa, Australia and South America it's Toyota 86, there's only the name variations, the specs of the car are the same. The price ranges are quite reasonable, especially in that genre of cars. The car is offered in three variants, where as the top variant costs £ 25,760. Overall it's a good car that is simple and exciting.

Toyota Gt 86 Rear
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