Zenvo ST1 A High Performance Mid-Engine Super-car

Manufactured almost entirely by the hands of a small team of workers, production of this vehicle is limited to 15 cars only.

It is the company's first model and is manufactured by hand, with the exception of a CNC(Computer Numerical Control) router. Zenvo Automotive, is a Danish super-car manufacturer located in Praesto, on the Danish island of Zealand. The company was founded in 2004, the first prototype of what became the ST1, was completed in December 2008 and production began the following year. Only 15 cars were built and sold exclusively. Zenvo claims that the ST1 is entirely a result of Danish design, the carbon fibre body was made in Germany and many components such as gauges, gas tank, ABS brakes, traction control and airbags comes from American or German makes. The Zenvo ST1 is a high performance sports-car, it's turbocharged and supercharged 6.8 litre V8 engine generates 1,104hp. According to the motor report, the car set the clock at 3.0 seconds from 0-100Km, a speed of 0-200Km taking 8.9 seconds and a top speed of 375Km. The ST1 comes standard with a key-less entry, satellite navigation which is really helpful to know your location when driving at lightning speeds, just saying, a telescopic steering wheel adjustment and electrically adjustable leather racing seats.

The ST1 was initially designed as a rolling chassis, built around a steel backbone with a double wishbone suspension and three way Ohlins adjustable dampers. The massive 7.0 litre supercharged and turbocharged V8 was positioned longitudinally directly behind the passenger cell. The armory of radiators and other ancillaries are scattered around the vehicle. The V8 motor rises into action by twisting the ignition knob on the center console which is located to the right, depressing the clutch and then pressing the start button at the top of the chunky piston-shaped gear lever while simultaneously giving the gas a generous push with the foot. The 7.0 litre motor then comes to life with an aggressive bark, but then immediately becomes a civilized machine. The ST1 Has three engine modes; normal, sport and race. Selection of these option drives is a mere twist knob away. Traction control is fully operational in the normal mode and partially in the sport mode, but your on your own in the race mode.

Zenvo St1 Front

The engine's power delivery is smooth and progressive, there's no alarming peaks or troughs, but the blown V8 doesn't particularly enjoy lugging at low speeds in high gears. The stubbornness of the manual gearbox, suggests the six speed paddle shift sequential developed by Xtrac will be the better choice for most. Unleashing all the power is achieved by opening up flaps in the exhaust, which means noise levels instantly escalate to conversation killing levels and full throttle gearshifts are accompanied by a slight twitch from the chassis. The Zenvo's brakes are massive Brembo's.

Zenvo St1 Engine

The interior of the ST1 is custom made to fit in an individuals taste and preferences. The color of the leather is Alcantara as well as finish of aluminum and carbon fibre trim are left for the customer to decide.

Zenvo St1 Interior

You've read about the insights of the car and to be reminded that the company manufactures only 15 cars, the cost of this vehicle just to be registered in Denmark is around €2 Million. Now the golden price tag of this piece of art is $1.8 Million. Wouldn't be a bad choice if you want your Bugatti to have another garage mate, to have some revving fun.

Zenvo St1 Rear
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