Falcon F7 The American Supercar

America's slowly transforming from muscle to super, but they indulging both together and creating one piece is also evident.

The best part about going fast in the Falcon F7 is the sound of its V8. It's much louder than its Corvette counterpart, yet the engine sounds so balanced and harmonious that you feel it wants to rev far beyond our 5,000rpm cruising speed. Falcon Motorsport's is a manufacturer of high performance automobiles. Most notably the Falcon series F5 and the last innovation that drove out of their house the Falcon F7. Falcon was founded in 2009 by designer Jeff Lemke.

Mr. Jeff Lemke, being a 45 year young person, spent 12 years building composite body panels that Dodge Viper owners could buy to keep rain and wind out of their admittedly leaky sports cars. Since 2009, Mr. Lemke decided to do something a little more ambitious, he then decided to build his very own supercar. The car which is in the limelight of this article is the F7 and considered one of Mr. Lemke's ambitious projects

Falcon F7 Front Right View

The Falcon F7 is a mid-engine aluminum monocoque sport coupe powered by a 620hp V8. The vehicle promises a 320Km top speed. The new car, called the F7 weighs around 2,800 pounds and rides on the same 105inch wheelbase as Hall's racers. Overall length is 174 inches, 3 inches longer than a Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2, while the Falcon F7 rides 2inches lower. The F7 is also 3inches wider than the Gallardo.

Falcon F7 Twin Turbo

The engine is a 7.0 litre, small block V8 from the Corvette Z06. Lemke adds a unique carbon-fiber intake manifold and the engine sits exposed through a hole on the top of the engine lid behind the driver. Power travels through Ricardo six-speed transaxle to the 20 inch rear tires. Front wheels carry slightly smaller 20 inch tires, while encompassing 15inch rotors. Rear rotors are 14 inches in diameter brakes are four piston Stop Tech calipers.

Falcon F7 Ariel View

The electrically assisted rack and pinion unit is from the Fran Hall race-car and is likely too light for track use. Body roll is minimal as you would expect from a race suspension and although wheel travel is short, the F7 is not too harsh on the street. Suspension isolation is much better than the racing version of the chassis and tuning is deliberate, claims Mr. Lemke. This vehicle has been critically acclaimed and a few American based automobile journalists have stated that the Falcon F7 is one of the most intriguing super-car's to come out of American soil in recent history.

Falcon F7 Wheels

Taking super-car's that are totally built in your backyard, most fail. Luckily the F7 got noticed easily and earned itself an immediate hyper motor enthusiast based in the New York. The first car was delivered with a lifetime guarantee. While planning to buy this car, there's an investor option that allows a potential buyer to give $250,000 to the Falcon company and participate in the car's development. After three years, the customer can take delivery of a new, un-driven car plus an interest incentive, or get the $250,000 back with interest and no car. The car has all the needs to join the supercar league and has achieved that status too over the years.

Falcon F7 Interior
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