Oshkosh L-ATV(Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle)

Having a tough day? Need something tough looking to drive to portray your anger, the Oshkosh L-ATV is a preferably right option for the anger.

The L-ATV is based around Oshkosh's TAK-4i, independent suspension system. Around 26,000 military vehicles are fitted with the system, these including the Oshkosh Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement, Oshkosh Logistic Vehicle System Replacement and Oshkosh All Terrain Vehicle. The TAK-4 system has also been retro fitted to the Force Protection Cougar and BAE Systems RG-33 MRAPs. The majority of systems supplied to date have been coil sprung. The version fitted to the L-ATV remains undisclosed, but is not coil-sprung and is of the variable adjustable ride height type with up to 20 inches of wheel travel, this 25 per cent more than the current standard. Motive power for the JLTV variant of the L-ATV is provided by a digitally-controlled General Motors(GM) Duramax V8 cylinder 6.6 litre diesel engine of undisclosed power output, but estimated to be around 300hp. In commercial use power output of this engine is currently up to 397hp at 3000 rpm. An unspecified fully automatic Allison Transmission is fitted, this coupled to an Oshkosh transfer case. It is currently not known if this is a single-speed, or two-speed transfer case.

The L-ATV offers protection levels greater than those armored HMMWVs and comparable to those of original MRAP(Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) class designs, but in an overall vehicle package that is considerably smaller and lighter than vehicles procured under the US Marines MRAP procurement. The L-ATV is fully complaint with the US Army's Long Term Armor Strategy. LTAS is based around the A-kit and B-kit modular armor principle. The A-kit, which is installed during build, is primarily fixings for add-on armor, but can include small amounts of armor fitted in difficult to reach areas. The B-kit is essentially the add-on armor, this is added when required and as a modular add-on.

Oshkosh L Atv Front Left View

According to the US Army, the A-kit and B-kit concept allows the Army flexibility in several areas, that is the armor B-kit can be taken off when not needed or by reducing unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles, the Army can continue to pursue upgrades in armor protection. Adapting B-kits to match the threat and the versatility of the B-kit enables the transfer of armor from unit to unit, makes armor requirements affordable by pooling assets versus buying armor that is only for one vehicle.

Oshkosh L Atv Off Roading

The Oshkosh M-ATV(All Terrain Vehicle) was procured primarily for Afghanistan where the earlier bigger and heavier MRAPs had mobility issues, protection comparable to the original MRAP designs, but while smaller it still remains a relatively large vehicle. During the L-ATV design process, every component was optimized for survivability, resulting in the same level of protection in a vehicle 30% smaller. This resulted in a curb weight for the JLTV requirement of 6,400Kg, this is almost one third the weight of the heavier MRAP(4×4) models and almost half the weight of the original MRAP models. Payload allowance for JLTV in Combat Tactical Vehicle(CTV) configuration is for passengers and 1,600Kg of cargo and in Combat Support Vehicle configuration is two passengers and 2,300Kg of cargo.

Oshkosh L Atv Interior Left Side

The base L-ATV is not fitted with an armament, however it may be fitted with a selection of weapons including light, medium and heavy machine guns, automatic grenade launchers or anti-tank guided weapon missiles depending on user requirements. The weapons can be operated from ring mounts or a remote weapon station. Smoke grenade launchers for self-defense can also be fitted if required. Sales for civilians are discussions for confirmation. Though, when n sale for public, there would definitely be some customization done to the tank, so people are safe. When on sales the price should be emerging from $250,000 onwards and upwards.

Oshkosh L Atv Front Right View
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