Tips for Long distance Driving

Here are some tips that make your long drive safer and comfortable

Driving long distance is a challenge even to the most expert driver. Long drive may reduce your attention, which may lead to accidents. Here are some tips for long driving, follow them and enjoy the trips.

Long trips

*Get the car serviced: Before going to a long trip, make sure that your vehicle is in good condition. During servicing you can check out the damage of wheel nuts, belts, brakes, hoses, wiper blades and get it replaced.

*Plan the trip: Before starting a long drive, preparation is very important. Must have a plan regarding the distance you travel, when to give a break time. One best practice is to reset the trip meter to start at zero, this will help you to know the end to end kilometers you travelled. Its always better to keep a map because it will help you to understand the new routes.

*Proper Packing: Long trips always include big luggage. Proper packing is important as its apart of safety. Avoid unnecessary items and utilize the space intelligently.

*Keep a tool box: Always keep emergency kit and tools so you will be ready for anything at the time of breakdowns. Its better to keep a good torch and batteries.

*Check tire pressure: Don't forget to check the air pressure because the tires without proper pressure would not give the due mileage. Make sure that tires are properly inflated with digital pressure gauges.

*Check the headlights: Check the headlight for brightness because its very important for a night trip. The passenger and luggage weight may lower the rear end of your car, which make the beam point more upwards, so correct the level of beam from the headlights.

*Take proper intervals: Must take breaks every couple of hours, even if you don't feel sleepy. Fatigue reduces your concentration, which may led to an accident. Take a snack, stretch your legs, and get some fresh air by walking around.

*Avoid distraction: Must avoid unnecessary distractions when driving long distances. Also avoid engaging in too much conversation with the person inside the car. Always use comfortable clothes, shoes for a long trip.

*Share the driving responsibilities: If possible, share the driving responsibilities with someone else. This will help you to take rest and save time also. Turn on the radio or music system and entertain the trip.
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