Car Battery Maintenance Tips:

Here are some tips to improve your battery life

Battery is one of the essential component of a vehicle that needs continuous check-up and maintenance. The main function of the battery is to start the engine. For the smooth functioning of the vehicle battery maintenance is very important.

Car Maintenance

Symptoms of a weak battery:

*Green/white salt deposits on the battery terminals.
*Dim headlights when the car is idle
*Dim dash lights
*Ineffective cooling in the car cabin
*Short circuit in the electric wirings

Battery maintenance tips:

*Keep the battery clean: Wipe out the dust particles deposited outside the battery. Corrosion may occur in the dirty battery surface. Apply baking soda on the corrosion and rinse cover with water.

*Keep the battery connections and cables well cleaned: Use batteries with plastic covers for terminals as it reduce the risk of the battery short-circuit.

*Use electric devices intelligently: Switch off the car air conditioner and music system, if not need.

*Check out the battery leakage and cracks: If any leakage is found in the battery, replace it immediately. It is always better to keeping the car battery in an insulated garage.

*Avoid over charging: Avoid improper charging of the battery, it may cause damage to both battery and car components.

*Check battery level: Most of the cars today have maintenance-free battery. In such cars, the indicator lights will help to know the condition of the car battery. Otherwise, if the fluid level has gone below the required mark, add some more distilled water to it.
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