How to Improve your Cars' Mileage?

Here are some tips that help you to increase your cars'mileage

Follow the tips below and improve your cars' mileage..

*Get the car serviced regularly: Service your car at regular intervals of time. Proper servicing will help to reduce the wear and tear of your vehicle.

*Avoid too quick acceleration: Speedy acceleration and sudden brakes will harms your cars' fuel efficiency. For less fuel consumption, its better to accelerate slowly and gradually.

*Avoid too much use of clutch: Use clutch only when it is needed because too much clutch will waste lot of fuel.

*Use correct gears: If you are using a manual transmission cars, use correct gears at correct speeds. At the same time, staying in a lower gear at higher speed is equally detrimental for getting good mileage.

*Clean the air- filter regularly: Dirty filter will reduce fuel economy, so clean the air filter atleast for every 5000 km. This help smooth engine run and will consume less fuel.

*Check air pressure: It is recommended to keep an optimum air pressure in tyres for less fuel consumption. Reduced tyre pressure will increase the friction between the tyre and the road, resulting in higher fuel consumption.

*Maintain a constant maximum speed: For less fuel consumption, it is also recommended to maintain a constant speed, which will help the engine put less effort to accelerate or decelerate unnecessarily.

*Keep your windows rolled up: At lower speeds, switch off the air conditioner and open the windows. But at higher speeds, its better to roll up the windows and switch on your A/C.

*Remove unnecessary weight: For keeping the vehicle light, its better to avoid unnecessary luggage in boot-space and remove roof racks if not needed.

*Plan your trips: Proper planning of routes will help you to save fuel. Choose the route with fewest stops and less traffic. Also try to combine small trips, which help to keep fuel efficiency high.
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