10 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Car Insurance

We guide you through the 10 most important factors to consider before you take the plunge on a new car insurance.

So, you've just reached one of your many milestones. That dream of finally owning a car of your own. While you're all set to take your new found love around town, you need to make sure you have all your legal documents in place and it's not only the driving license we're talking about! One of every car owner's essentials include a valid car insurance. While the Motors Vehicles Act mandates a minimum of a Third-Party liability policy to be able to drive legally, it's recommended to instead have a Comprehensive/Standard Policy that covers not only third-party liabilities, but also protects you and your own car from damages and losses. Before you get into a fix regarding all the nitty-gritties of a car insurance, we're here to guide you through the ten most important things to consider while buying your car insurance.


As mentioned, there are primarily two kinds of insurance policies available for cars. One, is the Third-Party Liability policy that is a minimum requirement by law, and only protects you against third-party damages and losses. While the other is the, Standard/Comprehensive Policy that not only protects your car against third-parties, but also protects your own car and yourself in case of any damages/losses.


Just a standard car insurance policy may not be enough. Different insurance companies offer different add-ons that add would another layer of shield to your car. Some add-ons include the zero-depreciation cover, road-side assistance, tyre protect, etc. Based on you and your car's requirements, pick the best combination of add-ons available and pick a car insurance that will offer them to you at a decent price. 🙂

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An IDV is nothing but the market value of your car. While taking an insurance, your premium will depend on this. Many times, some car insurers will incorrectly state your IDV to lure you into cheap premiums. However, it's best to pick a car insurance that instead lets you customize your IDV yourself. This way, the process is transparent, and you know exactly what to expect.


Generally, Insurance companies have been known for their time-consuming paperwork. Luckily, now that we're in the digital age, there are a few insurance companies such as Digit Insurance, that have minimum or no paperwork! Everything can be digital, online and hassle free! Therefore, consider digital friendly options instead of the bygone traditional methods.


The whole point of an insurance is the claims! So, it's definitely one of the most important things you need to consider! Generally, claims take ages to settle; with pending surveyor visits, minute detailing and a lot of time wasted in the process. However, as mentioned- today there are online options like Digit's Car insurance, that allows you to make claims online. In case of damages, all you have to do is self-inspect your car with their app and your claim will be processed soon. This saves a lot of time and makes your car insurance a lot more efficient for you.


Chances are, you're going to make a lot of road trips henceforward. Whether it's in broad daylight or late at night, you need to make sure your car insurer has a 24 hours support facility just in case something goes wrong! After all, unfortunate situations don't arise at a scheduled time!


Based on the insurance companies' workshops spread over the country, some companies also provide cashless settlements, which means in case of your car damages- you don't need to pay anything at all and can instead have your car repaired at one of their workshops/garages.


A cashless settlement only makes sense when the insurance company has several garages over the country. Therefore, before picking an insurance, be aware of the number of garages and workshops your insurer has. In case of damages, you want to be sure it can be repaired at a convenient location.


To make things easier for car owners, insurers today also give the benefit to avail advance cash for repairs. This is especially handy if you're someone who travels a lot- this way no matter where and when you want to make a claim, you'll have the option to get your car repaired anywhere, along with some advance cash to pay for it all.


Consider the fact that in some unfortunate cases of a car accident, your car may not be able to function for a few days. In this case, there are insurance companies that provide doorstep pick-up and drop to make things much easier for you. 🙂

Finally, we know buying an insurance policy for something you love so much can leave you muddled. But don't worry. Keeping all the above factors in mind, and the fact that you can now buy your car insurance online, you can review your options well and make a smart choice accordingly. 🙂
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