Best Driving Tips For Women

Women can be a better driver if they follow a few rules and tips

When a woman is driving alone, she may have to face the various situations like carjacking, robbery etc. The sexual predators have maximized the risk of driving in our country. So women have to be more vigilant in driving and must know how to handle or avoid this situations.

There are a lot of simple and common tips that a women should know while driving. Following this will make driving a safer experience.

*If possible try to avoid night driving. In necessary situations, aviod choosing unknown areas. Though most of the crimes against women have been reported at night.
* If the journey is too long, accompany an adult relative or a responsible friend.
* Must keep a mobile phone in the car to make urgent calls in the case of sudden car failure.
*It is always better to wear comfortable clothes that allow easy movement of your legs while driving. The tight fitting dress may hinder the movement in the case of emergency.
*In case of long journey, should plan your route using express highways and main roads. Also make a idea on when you are going to stop for rest breaks and to refuel.
* Before leaving your home or office, inform other person about the arrival time and the route you are going to choose.
*When reached a fuel station or fast food stop never leave your car unlocked. Car thieves and carjackers will be frequent in these places looking for such an opportunity.
*Install GPS (Global Positioning system) , which will give instant information regarding the directions, road conditions and emergency phone numbers of hospitals and police.
* Try to know basic car repairing, so that you can handle situations like tyre changing, trouble shoot battery problems and others. Also try to keep some tools in your car.

Driving tips for all:
*Get the car serviced at regular intervals of time from a reputed car dealerships.
* Make sure that the safety belts are buckled. Always follow the safety rules while driving.
* The car doors should be locked not only at driving time but also at the parking time. Locking the car doors help us to prevent accidents.
*It is advisable to keep an emergency kit, food, and water in the car every time.
*Always use good quality fuels in your car. The low grade fuels may create problems in the engine functioning and may cause damage to engine.

Each and every drivers must keep in mind that driving is transportation, not competition.
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